Mobile Monday: 3 Reasons Why All Games Matter in Mobile Advertising

Apr 24, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

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Which type of game is best to advertise in? Business of Apps recently showed that simulation games are the most effective, while hypercasual and puzzle games drive the most installs. But that doesn’t mean other types of games won’t also drive value. 

While the ultimate goal is conversion, brands can use all types of games to create connections with consumers. Here are three reasons why other game genres also can yield results:

  1. Different genres mean different mindsets.
    Depending on the game they’re playing, consumers can have varying mindsets. High converting games, like hypercasual and puzzle, may be so simply because the user is relaxed and more willing to engage in an ad during downtime in the action. But games with more focus, such as RPGs or racing, are more intense. In these moments, the user may still be laser focused on the advertising, but just too involved in the game to convert right away. But the brand touch could still resonate and help conversion for when they are ready. 
  1. Super-target your audience.
    Hypercasual and puzzle games account for 30% of installs, but they also draw the most broad and diverse audience. If you have a product that is more niche, you should look at the types of games your specific audience might be more interested in. A targeted approach to mobile game advertising can lead to greater ROI and a more engaged customer base.
  1. Games Monetize, Period
    According to, most people play roughly 2-5 games per month. Unlike other apps, games are something that people will always be wanting more of. That’s because people will win games or get tired of them. Or they want a new challenge or just need games for different mindsets. Consumers turn to different game genres to satisfy changing needs and interests. By advertising in several game genres, brands can not only reach different demographics but also increase touchpoints with the same consumer. 

When it comes to advertising games, don’t just stick to the “biggest” ones. Advertising in multiple genres, including niche ones, can drive overall brand awareness and recall. A well-executed mobile game advertising campaign can create a lasting impact on customers and result in greater brand recall and eventually conversion.

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By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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