Mobile Monday: A Matter of (Brand) Opinion

Mar 06, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

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A brand may be widely recognizable, but changes in public opinion can greatly impact the success of an app. Shopping apps rely on brand loyalty and trust for downloads, usage, and retention. A negative brand opinion will turn users away from an app.

Our recent BRAG Brand Insights measured these variables to provide an indicator on how brand opinions will shape future growth. But no matter whether consumer opinion is trending positive or negative, CMOs and UA Marketers have some tricks they can use to help app performance. 

Get a Second Opinion

Our insights show that low-cost fashion apps, like SHEIN and Temu, are losing brand trust. At a time when consumers are affected by economic uncertainty, low-cost options should be thriving. SHEIN and Temu both may maintain strong growth despite a lack of brand trust. But can they gain trust from consumers along the way? Temu’s recent Super Bowl ad shows that these brands have the ability to capture consumer attention. Influencers can help bring about some buzz from sources their target audience trusts. Rewarded video can give these apps a captive audience to creatively tell stories that would alter consumer perceptions.

Brand Opinion Now, Brand Power Later

While consumers are down on fast fashion, they are looking for other options for affordable shopping. Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm are all buy now, pay later apps that are among the top 6 in increasing brand opinion. These apps allow consumers to pay less upfront without having to worry about the quality of their purchases. To capitalize on the positive trend, these apps can maximize ROI by using on-device solutions and get in front of app users who will download them and take advantage of their services. 

Looking for more exclusive brand insights? Stay tuned to see how brand trust has affected the biggest names in Travel and Social Media Apps.

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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