Mobile Monday: Full Funnel Marketing, iHeartMetaverse, and More Steps to Privacy

Aug 29, 2022
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

Digital Turbine is constantly keeping tabs on the mobile world, and every week, we’re sharing the most interesting and important need-to-know stories and articles. In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re covering the shift to more experimentation for marketers, the convergence of entertainment and brand connections in the metaverse, and consumers’ preferences for privacy and shifts in the industry. Learn all about these stories in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Fun with Funnels!

If you read the title for this section and thought this was about funnel cakes at the County Fair or tailgating at this weekend’s football game, I got news for you: it’s even better! In our post-cookie world, advertisers have taken to experimentation to figure out what strategies work best. MarTech recently addressed this in an article about “Why 2022 Will Be The Age Of Experimentation For Marketers”. Never mind that we only have 4 months left in the year — it is true that marketers should have been using this entire year to figure out the right mix of strategies to drive growth.

The article points out that less than half of marketers feel prepared for the depreciation of cookies and says that the 2nd half of the year will be a time for experimentation. The reality is that the experimentation should have started long ago. But what it does get right is that success will be driven by a mix of tactics that focus on both ends of the funnel: top of the funnel engagement as well as bottom of the funnel growth drivers. 

At Digital Turbine, our solutions run the gamut — giving you performance advertising that can drive the top of our funnel with on-device solutions like preloads and notifications that can drive growth. While success for each depends on other factors, using them in conjunction is the best way to drive proven, efficient growth. And that is way more tasty for us marketers than fried dough or a funnel of our favorite beverage…  Maybe.

Gaming: Where Brands can Create Authentic Connections with Consumers

iHeartMedia has announced that they are launching a virtual, interactive Web3 space, called iHeartLand, where artists can perform and give exclusive content to fans and while allowing fans to connect with their favorite artists. This virtual space will have music and podcast performances, and as it is built from Fortnite’s Creative toolset, iHeartLand will bring together gaming and entertainment, tapping into the beloved pastimes of consumers all over the world.

To tie the two activities together, the virtual venue will offer exclusive content and experiences for music fans that can be unlocked through game play, using gaming as a positive way to consume more rewards and spend time with more content in this branded venue. What’s more, they are already offering opportunities for brands to connect with their audience as iHeatLand will have a branded State Farm Park, where artists and podcasters will perform. 

As brands and artists are looking for more ways to connect with consumers on a personalized, authentic level, more marketers are realizing that gaming is the perfect channel to use to engage with users in a positive space and in a way that makes them feel more connected to the brand or person. Many consumers are relaxed and happy when playing games and look forward to playing to unlock branded rewards or see exclusive, branded content within the gaming space, making it the perfect addition to any brands marketing plan.  

With Growing Awareness, Users Demand Better Care for Their Data

With privacy taking center stage for many in recent years, we’re seeing technology companies, regulators – and users – all taking steps and measures, each in their direction.

A recent survey by Integral Ad Science finds that only half of consumers say they feel that their data is safe — and up to 67% saying they are “more vigilant than ever before about online privacy.”

With Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework, Google’s Privacy Sandbox, and growing regulator action in the EU, U.S., and elsewhere, consumers’ awareness is growing — and so is their action. While 90% of them are aware that their data is collected and used for ads, 68% say they are still uncomfortable with these practices, even with the added protection.

While they want more privacy, they also admit targeted ads work. 66% of consumers are likely to visit a brand or website after seeing an ad for it.

Media experts surveyed by IAS said that the industry will only be putting more emphasis on privacy. 62% of them say having a better understanding of privacy is a priority, while 89% say that privacy is top of mind for brands. 

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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