Mobile Monday: Keep the Buzz Going

Feb 13, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

What’s the buzz in mobile this week? Jumpstart your week here:

Another Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone and, as one of the biggest televised events of the year, gave us much to talk about. The Kansas City Chiefs are champions once again, Rihanna returned to the stage (while pregnant), and of course, lots of entertaining and expensive ads!

Our research showed that more than half (54%) of viewers were more interested in engaging on smartphones with mobile-enhanced TV ads this year. But did brands take advantage of this? Most commercials went the traditional route, while a few took a page from Coinbase and included mobile CTAs to generate immediate engagement. Despite airing their ad twice during the game, new eCommerce app Temu did not use a QR code or another other engagement CTA to get people to download the app. Here are the mobile-enhanced ads that caught our attention:

Limit Break

Source: Limit Break

The video game-inspired commercial for Limit Break included a QR code that offered a “free digital collectible.” When scanned, the code took people to the blockchain gaming company CEO Gabriel Leydon’s personal Twitter page, which launched a window to follow Leydon. The CEO has since surpassed 1 million followers.

Animal Control

Tech companies aren’t the only ones getting in on the QR code game. Fox‘s Super Bowl ad promoting the network’s new comedy series Animal Control prompted viewers to scan a QR code that then lead to a sneak peek of the show.


The iconic brand promoted its new line of dry roasted peanuts by orchestrating a roast of Mr. Peanut – a comedy roast! Like the Animal Control ad, the Planters commercial showed a QR code to offer more content and invited viewers to watch the full 11-minute roast on YouTube.

TV Ad Buys Don’t End There

Luckily, mobile devices have extended the lifetime of Super Bowl commercials beyond a one-time moment. Brands who paid millions to air their ads during the Big Game can continue their campaigns on mobile. Survey results show that consumers will interact with a brand after seeing their ad in many ways, including visiting a URL. Setting up a campaign-specific landing page can help bridge the gap between the commercial and the mobile experience.

It’s Not Too Late to Get in the Game

Even if you didn’t have a Super Bowl commercial, that doesn’t mean you can’t also get some brand buzz. Our data shows that 41% of viewers will search for a product or brand after seeing their ad during the Big Game. You may not have had a commercial this year, but your competition might have. Updating your keywords will make it as easy as possible to find your brand even if they are searching for your competitors.

Brands can also still get in the game – the mobile game! 70% of Super Bowl viewers are playing mobile games regularly. Mobile games allow brands to create interactive experiences that can extend campaigns and continue to capture attention in the weeks after the Big Game.

Looking for insights on how you can extend your Big Game campaign? Download our infographic: The Big Game Plan: The Definitive Advertising Guide for the Super Bowl

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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