Mobile Monday: Verizon’s Plus Play Manages Subscriptions, UA Through Esports, and Games Industry Investment’s Biggest Year

Mar 07, 2022
By: Marissa Camilli

Digital Turbine is constantly keeping tabs on the mobile world, and every week, we’re sharing the most interesting and important need-to-know stories and articles. In this edition of Mobile Monday, the three stories we’re covering are Verizon’s new hub for subscriptions, 7-Eleven’s partnership with Rocket League, and the games industry’s biggest year for investment. Learn all about these stories in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Verizon Makes another Oath

Three years after Verizon declared their Oath spinoff dead, they have reinvented their media forays through something they will be calling Verizon Plus Play. At its heart, Verizon Plus Play will be a way for consumers to manage their subscriptions – something that has been a bit of a hassle as the number of video, music, news, and other content platforms that are subscription based has increased. Using the platform will come at no cost to consumers.

But make no mistake, like Oath was intended, this is a way for Verizon to monetize subscribers. Unlike Oath, however, this plan doesn’t require them to buy expensive media properties. While centralizing subscription services is how the product will be marketed, the carrier says they will be able to offer “exclusive deals” as well. And with brands like Disney, ESPN, Hulu and AMC already on board, and others like Netflix, Peloton, Veeps, WW International, A+E Networks, The Athletic, Calm, Duolingo and TelevisaUnivision’s Vix Plus potentially joining, there will be ample opportunity for them to offer promotional spots to big name advertisers. 

Verizon Plus Play will also offer personalized content recommendations (which the carriers say is independent of what you are doing within the subscriptions you own). While CNet describes the revenue opportunity as bundling content subscriptions into pricier unlimited plans, it’s easy to see a path for Verizon to double dip revenue streams through advertising opportunities. We’ll have to see if Plus Play is sexy enough to entice subscribers to adopt it. However, on-device solutions that use third party content to monetize subscribers certainly does seem like a better path forward than the Oath that died 3 years ago. 

Omnichannel Marketing — Starting with Esports

Looking for new ways to increase user acquisition, sales, and engagement? Who isn’t! According to Marketing Dive, 7-Eleven is hitting all those marks by partnering with esports organization Rocket League. With this partnership, 7-Eleven is allowing players to apply a 7-Eleven theme to customized products within the game. With the in-game placement, 7-Eleven is also driving sales in-store and in-app, allowing for maximum reach and capitalizing on the continuing growth of mobile commerce.

Esports is a beloved pastime for people of all ages and regions, and as noted in the article, is expected to reach $2 billion in revenue this year, which puts it just behind the NBA in terms of revenue. With Rocket League’s 95 million MAU, 7-Eleven has a massive opportunity to engage with a diverse set of users. Additionally, players who purchase the selected 7-Eleven products, which are needed to activate the in-game customizations, through their mobile app will receive additional rewards in the game, further increasing UA and engagement for their app. Allowing in-app purchases to activate more rewards in-game will capture an audience on a platform (mobile) they are already comfortable with and used to using for a wide range of functionalities.

To increase purchases made in-store in addition to the app, 7-Eleven has created a system wherein a player can unlock the customization options in the game after they first purchase certain food or drink products from 7-Eleven in-store, increasing both physical and digital foot traffic. 

With this esports partnership, 7-Eleven is maximizing its reach and will be able to create conversions with a highly engaged audience. Tying in-store purchases to in-game rewards, driving users to the mobile app, and introducing product placements into the game itself will put 7-Eleven in a great position to increase user awareness, engagement, and sales.

The Mobile Gaming Train Continues

The global gaming industry’s incredible ride in recent years continues. Wrapping up investments and M&A in 2021, Digital Development Management report shared that 2021 was the biggest year ever for the games industry investment – with an increase of 191.7 per cent year-over-year.

And while mobile gaming has not been at the very top, they did account for the highest deal value at $15.5 billion. Comparatively, PC/console deals accounted for $13.9 billion of the overall spend, according to Drake Star Partners. Consumers spent $116 billion on mobile games in 2021, and investors are placing their capital assuming this will continue to grow. The DDM report showed 243 disclosed investments in Q4 2021 worth $3.9 billion, of which mobile investments accounted for 19% of value and 23% of overall deals.

2022 is expected to be stronger than ever for gaming M&A. Companies like Zynga and ByteDance led acquisitions in 2021, with the biggest deal belonging to ByteDance, which acquired Moonton for $4 billion. 2022 kicked off with the record-breaking $12.7 acquisition of Zynga by gaming veteran Take-Two.

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