Mobile Monday: Why Mobile Games and Discovery Are a Perfect Match

Apr 03, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

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Are you tired of seeing the same old ads pop up on your phone? Chances are that you and most people have gotten really good at ignoring run-of-the-mill ads. While ads are still a good way of spreading the word about apps, it doesn’t have to be the only way.

One effective user acquisition strategy is On-Device Discovery, which allows apps to be available on the device until the consumer is ready to use them. Games, in particular, are a perfect fit for discovery UA. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Everyone loves games. Over 2.5 billion people around the world play games on mobile, and there are 203 million mobile gamers in the U.S. alone. The mobile gaming audience is a vast and diverse one, which means big reach (and big money!).
  2. Games are fun. That’s a pretty obvious one, but it’s important to point out that most people play games to entertain themselves or pass the time. People are not using mobile games to complete a task as they do with most other apps. They just have some time on their hands, whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour. This means that mobile gamers are open to discovering new titles for those times they want to be entertained.
  3. You can never have too many games. Games are downloaded way more than other app categories for a reason. You can switch up the game you play depending on your mood or how much time you have to spare. Can you say the same about your weather app?

Games and discovery UA go hand-in-hand due to their popularity, entertainment value, and interchangeability. Offering games as preloaded apps give an active mobile audience the chance to find their new favorite app.

Want to learn more about games and discovery UA? Stay tuned for more insights!

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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