The Best Apps According to You, Me, and ChatGPT

Jun 05, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

What’s the best app? Well, it depends on who you ask! We all have our own preferences. At DT, our bi-annual BRAG Index uses consumer data to tell us which apps are doing the best at building brand and users. Do I agree with the masses? Well, sometimes. Does a robot agree? Well, we asked ChatGPT what they thought as well. Here’s the breakdown:

Streaming Video

ChatGPT: Netflix is a pioneer in the industry with an expansive library of content. It offers a user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations.

BRAG: Tubi stands out by allowing consumers to “Watch Movies Free.” Tubi’s positive app review sentiment has scored 92%, more than double that of Pluto.

Real Person: Since we have returned to our (mostly) outside lives after years of a pandemic, I find myself gravitating toward the streamers that provide more quality than quantity. While the success of the freshly released Max remains to be seen, its catalog of HBO originals is what prompted me to immediately download the app. With the addition of discovery+ titles, Max offers a broader catalog similar to Netflix but retains its longstanding and acclaimed series.

Streaming Music

ChatGPT: Spotify offers personalized recommendations, free and premium subscription options, and access to music across various devices.

BRAG: Audiomack had install growth in Q1 that rivaled category giants despite low Brand Power thanks to “turning up the volume” on its search ads.

Real Person: Spotify has solidified itself as a top app brand not only because of its huge selection of music but because of its personalized content. Recommended playlists based on listening history have become a part of many people’s music discovery. The release of Spotify Wrapped, where the music service puts together a roundup of everything you listened to that year in various statistical formats, has become a highly anticipated event that goes beyond the app and is widely shared on social channels.


ChatGPT: Amazon’s easy navigation, personalized recommendations, customer reviews, and convenient purchasing options make it a consumer favorite across the world.

BRAG: Temu’s Super Bowl ad was the climax, not the beginning. It ran install campaigns focused on fashion and consumer goods to build growth, then announced its brand to the world.

Real Person:
There’s nothing like leisurely browsing the very organized aisles at Target to pick up items you didn’t come in for but are sure you will need. It may seem like an accompanying app is unnecessary but it actually adds significant value to the experience. The easy-to-use app allows users to get their order in a variety of ways whether it be going in-store, driving up, or having it delivered to their home. The Target Circle program gives cash back on already affordable prices.


ChatGPT: Expedia has a user-friendly interface and discounted prices through its loyalty program that makes its range of services widely recognized.

BRAG: Hopper drove more installs than any other travel aggregator despite having the lowest Brand Power in the category.

Real Person: When it comes to travel, I’m always looking for the best deals. Kayak makes it very easy to find them by showing you rates across different apps and websites. Because I book most of my trips using the app, it keeps my trip stats so I can see all the fun places I’ve been year to year.

Social Media

ChatGPT: Facebook’s range of features and its ability to connect users to friends, family, and pages of interest make it a successful social app.

BRAG: TikTok may have poor customer sentiment, but its growth still vastly exceeded every other app in the category.

Real Person: I might be outing myself as a millennial but my preferred social media app is still Instagram. It offers a good cross-section of the type of content found on other platforms. I use it for communication, to share and view personal photos, and discover new brands/products. At this point, I look for a social media app that will not take up too much of my time but will make it worth it.  

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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