BIGO Ads is Now Available on DT FairBid

Jan 24, 2024
By: Maria Ershova

We’re thrilled to announce the integration of BIGO Ads into DT FairBid mediation. What does it mean to our publishers? 

New Demand Opportunities

Our latest integration injects a surge of fresh demand into our mediation platform. This means increased revenue potential for app developers as they tap into a wider pool of advertisers, enhancing fill rates and performance with the brand and performance campaigns across all formats – Interstitials, Rewarded, and Banners.

Global Reach, Region Impact

With a global perspective and a specific focus on the American, EMEA, and Southeast Asian markets, BIGO Ads enhances your demand diversity by providing regional depth. Publishers can now access region-specific campaigns, elevating ad experience and unlocking a new wave of engagement and revenue from the top regional advertisers.

Waterfall Integration with Bidder Coming Later This Year

While the shift to bidding continues, publishers prefer using a hybrid monetization model. Now BIGO Ads demand is available within a waterfall setup on DT FairBid, with their bidder SDK integration coming soon.

Welcome, BIGO Ads! Stay tuned for more DT FairBid integrations this year.

By Maria Ershova
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