Exploring CMPs with David Ruggiero from LOVOO

Dec 06, 2023
By: Maria Ershova

Is integrating a Consent Management Platform (CMP) scary? LOVOO’s Head of Advertising, David Ruggiero, gives an emphatic “No!” LOVOO took the plunge into integrating a CMP after partnering with Digital Turbine on Offer Wall and DT Exchange for years. The CMP integration enabled brands like Hello Fresh, Ebay, Otto, Boohoo, and Yoox to increase their ad spending with Lovoo’s inventory. 

Here’s what David had to say about LOVOO’s CMP experience.

The Decision 

What was the main factor driving your decision to integrate a CMP?

It was important to give LOVOO users transparency into their privacy – why their data was being shared and with who. This gives users a level of trust that is consistent with our brand.

Were there other factors that you considered?

We believe that the future of mobile advertising will be stricter regarding user data. Therefore we wanted to become early adopters of GDPR and the TCF2.0 program to understand the business impact and how to navigate the ever-changing data privacy landscape.

What did you look for in a CMP partner and how did you come to a decision on DT?

LOVOO has audiences that are spread across many geos, with many different legislations to consider. We needed a partner that was able to provide flexibility as well as a forward-thinking mentality to allow us to maintain our compliance globally.

We also tested different CMP providers and achieved similar opt-in rates. The main reason for fluctuations in the opt-in rate comes from the communication style to users. We tested multiple different scenarios before landing on the communication style that works best for us.

The Impact

One fear app publishers have is the effect changes to the user experience can have on their eCPMs. Can you comment on the results you saw?

We noticed a significant difference between the eCPM for a user who has given consent in comparison to a user who has not. We see a 60% increase in eCPM for users who give consent.

Were there any other significant positive results you saw from introducing CMP?

LOVOO has built an elevated level of trust over the years with our users. We were happy to receive GDPR opt-in rates higher than the industry standard for social apps.  

The Future

What advice would you give to app developers when it comes to the future of privacy and consent management?

There are constant developments when it comes to privacy and consent management. There are clear and consistent demands from regulators to be more transparent with how developers utilize user data in a digital space – a development that matches our values at LOVOO.  

Legislations have become significantly stricter in the past decade in the EU. Given the importance of privacy to many people, I assume that this will eventually put pressure on legislators outside of the EU to follow.  

User privacy is becoming a widespread topic of discussion whether the person works in our industry or not. People are more conscious and cautious than ever about their personal data and how it is being processed.

By Maria Ershova
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