Google integrated with DT FairBid to expand real-time bidding demand for apps

Aug 19, 2022
By: Daniel Gal

A new bidding integration on DT FairBid supports  access to Google Ads and Display & Video 360 demand, bidding in real-time for impressions with DT FairBid.

Joining a suite of networks already supported by DT FairBid, Google’s integration gives Digital Turbine publishers expanded access to Google Ads and Display & Video 360 demand in a simplified auction set up. 

While developers using DT FairBid have always had access to Google demand through the waterfall setup, it is now more easily available through the new real-time bidding integration – simplifying operations while giving you the opportunity to grow ad revenue. With the automated auction setup, developers can reduce ad ops overhead, decrease transaction latency, and access Google demand more efficiently.

Making your operations automated and simplified is top of mind to us. With another significant integration underway, developers continue to unlock greater opportunities to sell app inventory and increase ad revenue by allocating impressions to the highest paying network based on real-time pricing information. Google demand competing in real-time on DT FairBid can deliver a better fill rate, purchase inventory at the highest bidding price, and increase ad space value.

Tap into the DT network to diversify your demand

Google joins networks like AdColony, InMobi, Meta Audience Network, Mintegral, Mytarget, Pangle, Tapjoy, Vungle and Yahoo in bidding through DT FairBid. Together with additional non-bidding demand, publishers have access to a broad spectrum of demand sources to fit their monetization strategies. 

This is paired with 180+ DSPs integrated into DT Exchange, with no additional SDK required. Altogether, DT publishers can utilize a strong mix of demand partners for winning diversity, enjoy global coverage across brand and performance advertisers – and generate higher CPMs. 

Bidding is in our DNA, and partnering with Google is another step in ensuring publishers using DT FairBid get access to all demand sources, in a fair auction process to maximize their revenue.


The product is in beta and availability is limited. Please reach out to your DT Account Manager for more information.

By Daniel Gal
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