How mobile developers can ace placements in their Offer Wall!

Jan 13, 2021
By: Daniel Gal

To help mobile developers bring the best game experience to their users, DT revamped its Offer Wall by introducing the Placements feature, driving performance results. 


How does the Placements feature help grow my app? 

The Placements feature enables mobile developers to set up multiple Offer Wall experiences within the same app. These Offer Wall Placements are completely customizable, offering diverse opportunities for users to engage with offers that are most relevant to them and accumulate virtual currency, increasing engagement rate, monetization and retention. 

By setting up different access points for different placements, publishers can use key moments within their game to expose a tailored version of their Offer Wall to users, complimenting other revenue streams and creating a seamless relationship between your game’s core loop and your monetization strategy. On average, we saw Digital Turbine publishers that use the Offer Wall Placements feature increased engagement rate up to 20% and Offer Wall unique users by 250%, as compared to app utilizing only one placement.
Customization options include setting up different virtual currency exchange rates, type of virtual currency, filtering the available offer types, and using tailored visuals to match each Offer Wall Placement with its surroundings in the app.


Boost your monetization strategy with Placements

Diversify the Offer Wall experience

 > Placements can be edited to include certain offer types (for example a dedicated Survey Wall placement) helping your users discover offers that are better suited to their taste and virtual currency needs.
> Each placement can be set up to reflect your app’s natural UX/UI with customizable colors of rewarded numbers and fonts, brand imagery and virtual currency icons within the top banner (such as gems, hearts, diamonds, coins etc) turning the Offer Wall into an extension of your gameplay and overall app experience.


Segment your users and localize the Offer Wall

> Keep users engaged with the Offer Wall throughout their journey – set different placements for users in different stages of the game, increasing the exchange rate and tailoring the available offer types for more advanced users in order to keep rewards attractive, helping users advance in your game.

> Maintain a balanced yet lucrative game economy by giving users the opportunity to earn different currency types across different placements, applying the appropriate exchange rates for each currency type.


> Apply a tailored multiplier for each placement when launching a limited-time Virtual Currency Sale.


Advanced reporting analytics

> To make it easier to understand the impact of each placement you configure, our advanced analytics tool – Edge Reports – was updated to offer full transparency into performance and optimization insights at the placement level.


> You can easily evaluate the contribution of each placement to your overall monetization and compare between different time frames to gauge the impact of changes that were implemented to your setup.


If your app has a virtual economy, an Offer Wall can easily unlock an untapped revenue stream with no heavy lifting needed from your team. 


Reach out to your DT Account Manager to get expert consultation on the optimal Placements setup for your app.



By Daniel Gal
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