SDK Ad Rendering: Boost KPIs Without Compromising Ad Experience

Nov 14, 2023
By: Maria Ershova

Mobile gamers are a diverse and growing crowd but not all of them are willing to spend money on games. According to eMarketer, half of them prefer ad-supported free-to-play games. When people are especially cost-conscious and in-app advertising is a must for revenue growth, the quality of the mobile ad environment is the topic occupying most publishers’ and advertisers’ minds.

The quality of ads comes down to an equilibrium of the best user experience for publishers and meeting campaign KPIs for buyers. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the creative ad experiences that can boost KPIs without compromising ad experience and why detail-oriented creative rendering is an important part that contributes to your campaign’s performance and user experience with your ads. 


The most common iOS native experience is SKOverlay, with DT Exchange flagging its bid requests with the SKOverlay parameter. This provides a seamless ad experience for iOS users, allowing them to install an advertiser’s app without a trip to the store. For advertisers, it boosts CTR, improving overall campaign performance.

Keeping our ad environment to the highest quality standards, DT Exchange doesn’t fire auto-clicks when SKOverlay is shown, so it won’t jeopardize your campaign analytics. 


AutoStore Kit

Being a part of the open RTB protocol, the AutoStore Kit high-engagement ad unit provides an additional chance for users to interact with your ad through a store-like end card. Your app’s store page is displayed to a user after the creative as a final engagement point. A user can install the advertised app right from the AutoStore Kit screen, saving them a trip to the store and reducing friction.

Since the first days of its release, our DSPs that utilize AutoStore Kit saw an increase in RPM by up to 18%, while decreasing CPI by 4% on average. 


Dual End Card

End сards trigger another wave of users’ attention. While there are various ways advertisers can use them, we always see CTR and Engagement rates increase for those who utilize the creative rendering capabilities that DT Exchange provides. Built from the advertised app bundle information found in the bid response, a Dual End Сard offers an enhanced creative experience.


 It presents an additional touchpoint that is introduced after the original end card is closed. This supplementary end card consists of the app icon, app name, and a CTA button. This rendering capability is built into the creative rendering flow, so it’s available on both Android and iOS. You can utilize this to provide users with an extra chance to engage with your ad, increasing CTR.

Custom Product Page

Custom Product Pages is another framework native to iOS. It allows advertisers to lead iOS 15+ users from DT Exchange ads to different product pages via a product page ID parameter in the bid response. Whether for seasonal promotions, special events, product launches, or specific campaigns, you can customize the entire flow for different audiences, from creatives to the product pages you show to other users, ensuring a consistent experience that leads to higher conversions. You can seamlessly integrate Custom Product Pages with other iOS-native ad features like SKOverlay and AutoStore Kit, creating a powerful combination to drive results.

“With the new creative rendering solutions, DT Exchange found a perfect balance between setting high standards for the quality of ads they serve and improving our performance and CPI rates. DT’s high engagement ad units increased our IPM by up to 8% while decreasing CPI by 4% on average” – Liftoff

All of these recent creative experiences available in the DT Exchange SDK are controllable by DSPs so our advertisers can determine when and how to incorporate these elements within their bid response.

Your campaigns deserve the best of mobile.

Tap into the clean user ad experience with DT Exchange.

By Maria Ershova
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