The B.I.G. Opportunity: How Brands In Games Enhance Your Ad Monetization Strategy

Mar 19, 2024
By: Abigail BenMeir

Developers: a goldmine awaits!

For game developers, the key to success is prioritizing Ad Quality—embracing audience diversity, ensuring relevance, and delivering top-notch ad rendering —to optimize monetization and user experience.

Harnessing the wealth of data from the BRAG report by Apptopia, GWI and DT, developers can now empower advertisers with these actionable insights, allowing for the effective utilization of inventory and finely tailored brand campaigns that resonate with precision and relevance. By championing demand diversity and leveraging data-driven insights, mobile game developers can enhance the user experience and increase monetization revenue, making every ad placement a potential revenue windfall.

Now, let’s dive in and explore how your game can benefit from brand giants!

Maximizing Monetization in Word Gaming

According to the B.I.G. BRAG Report, social ads fail to effectively reach 23% of Word Gamers, totaling nearly 20 million users. If you have a Word Game, know that your users aren’t just masters of language; they’re also into clothing and quick-service restaurants. Leverage the connection to your users’ favorite brands, such as Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, Panera, Pizza Hut, and Subway, through DT Exchange and get your hands on their ad dollars.

The Puzzle Gamer Market and Brand Integration Opportunities

With 59% of mobile gamers hooked to Puzzles, 24% of Puzzle Gamers aren’t effectively reached by social ads, tempting brand advertisers to increase their budgets towards this genre. This audience isn’t just solving puzzles – the BRAG report shows they’re adventure seekers and beauty enthusiasts. Make sure you have access to brands like Estée Lauder, Aveeno, L’Oréal, Lululemon, Converse, and Vans through your monetization partners.

Reaching the Card Game Enthusiast Market

Game developers, shuffle your cards right and get the right brands up your sleeve! Your dynamic players, from beauty fans to DIYers, open doors for advertisers in Beauty & Cosmetics, Retailers, and QSRs. Card Gamers, drawn to beauty and home trends, will love ads by Tarte Cosmetics, Clinique, and Ace Hardware – and you will surely love the ad revenue increase.

Unveiling Action Gamers’ Diverse Brand Interests

Ready, set, action! Action Games’ audience is not just thrill-seekers in gaming but also adventurers, sports enthusiasts, and more. Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi’s, Hollister, Simply, Red Bull, and Monster dominate their interests, outfitting them for virtual and real-life adventures. Action Gamers also navigate media adventures: YouTube Premium, Telemundo, and Showtime can power up your monetization strategy to engage users better and drive your ad revenue.

Check out the full report. Elevate your game’s ad monetization – connect to the DT Exchange team and tap into the brand ad budgets!

By Abigail BenMeir
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