The Must-Have A/B Tests to Increase Your Offer Wall Performance

Oct 05, 2023
By: Maria Ershova

A/B testing is a proven strategy for improving user experiences. In DT Offer Wall, the A/B Testing Tool is now available to all publishers to run tests on any customizable aspect of Offer Wall to identify what drives the best results. Whether you want to understand the impact of exchange rates, banner designs, colors, or VCS multiplier variations – this tool has got you covered.

Let’s see how our Offer Wall publishers can utilize the  A/B Testing Tool to determine the best user experience for their audience, boost engagement, and maximize revenue.

1. Test Exchange Rates

The right exchange rates setup is the driver of your Offer Wall incremental revenue. A/B testing allows you to experiment with different exchange rates to find the best-performing options. By comparing user engagement and conversion rates between variants, you can pinpoint the winning exchange rates in different countries and make the most out of your global Offer Wall users.

Our Tip: Fine-tune your VCS multipliers for maximum impact

Virtual Currency Sales (VCS) are a crucial revenue driver for many Offer Wall publishers. With the A/B testing tool, you can test different multipliers during VCS events to understand how the audience reacts to different rewards during peak traffic seasons. Experiment with various multiplier values and find the sweet spot, encouraging more users to take advantage of VCS opportunities.

2. Test UI Elements

Data-driven color choices can make a world of difference in user engagement. Use the A/B testing tool to see how different color schemes work on your Offer Wall and determine which resonates most with your audience and fits your app design better.

Our Tip: Run separate tests for UI – one for the CTA color, one for the Offer Wall banner

The header image is the first thing your users see when entering your Offer Wall. With Offer Wall acting as an extension of your economy, it’s worth making the banner native to your app. To reflect your game characters, your currencies or in-app items are just some of the many options you can try for your Offer Wall banner. 

Testing the banner at a different time as your Offer Wall button colors ensures a clean test and clear results.

Understanding Your A/B Test Results

DT Console will show you a granular and transparent report for your A/B test variants across various metrics. Read them carefully to determine the winning variant. Here are a few crucial metrics to check in your Report when toggled to the Performance View:

  • OFW Unique Users allows you to verify the audience distribution between the variants
  • Publisher Revenue tracks the overall revenue coming from each variant
  • ARPDEU shows the average revenue per engaged user for each variant
  • Container CTR indicates the number of users who entered your Offer Wall and clicked on at least one offer
  • Offer CTR shows the number of users who started offers
  • Click/Conversion Rate displays the overall conversion rate for the variant

You can apply the winning variant to your Offer Wall placement in one click from DT Console, without any manual adjustments.

A/B Testing Tool is available to all DT Offer Wall publishers in the DT Console to optimize your user experience and improve revenue and performance. Use our guide to start A/B testing, or sign up for DT Offer Wall to monetize your non-payers agnosticically.

By Maria Ershova
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