2016 Digital Marketing Trends to Consider

Jan 05, 2016
By: Marissa Camilli

As we quickly move into 2016, digital marking has evolved since the start of last year.

With 80% of US consumers owning smartphones as of September 2015, and with device users spending 58% more time in apps over the previous year, your 2016 mobile ad strategy must consider smartphones and apps.

To help you prepare, this Marketing Dive blog post offers 10 Digital Marketing trends to watch in 2016.

Some of highlights include:

  • Digital ad spending is rising while traditional ad spending is declining
  • Improved social media campaigns and analytics are expected to increase sales revenue
  • Online video is increasingly important, while short and innovative video ads are preferred by consumers
  • Content written by consumers about businesses, such as on social media channels, is as important as content provided by businesses
  • Personalized ad campaigns using data are expected to increase campaign effectiveness

Consumer preferences change incredibly fast in the modern era, making it essential to be aware of latest trends.  For more help with digital advertising visit

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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