Digital Turbine Goes Global as Top Media Source on 2021 Singular ROI Index

Feb 15, 2021
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital Turbine featured on Singular’s ROI Index in multiple categories
  • Singular’s report highlights the rise and success of on-device media solutions like our platform
  • On-device media stands out against legacy ad networks, delivering note worthy ROI

Digital Turbine has been ranked as a Global Top Media Source on the 2021 Singular ROI Index. The Index is widely recognized as the go-to source for app marketers seeking insight about which app marketing platforms offer the best ROI while also considering metrics including cost, revenue, and fraud.  The 2021 Index ranks top-performing ad networks across both the Android and iOS ecosystems and reviews industry data compiled across nearly $10 billion in ad spend and approximately 3 billion app installs.

Digital Turbine has regularly performed well on the Singular ROI Index in both North American and international markets, particularly in verticals like gaming. However, this is the first time the company has featured on the Global Index.

Digital Turbine’s rise in fortunes on the Global Index highlights its commitment to the wider app economy and the burgeoning European, APAC, and Latin American markets. It also demonstrates a dramatic shift in the way people discover and download their apps.

A Year of Dramatic Change – A Disturbance in the Force

Digital Turbine’s global success follows a year of dramatic change in the mobile marketing industry. Add to this the massive disruption caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s little wonder why people have become more reliant on their mobile devices than ever before. Do you remember when we used to ask if it would ever be possible to do a day’s work on a mobile device? I guess we all know the answer to that now.

During this turbulent time, which Singular describes as “A disturbance in the force,” app discovery has continued to shift from traditional app marketplaces and legacy ad networks, which have continued to face disruption from a number of emerging and increasingly powerful channels including Digital Turbine.

App engagement is increasing, but so is the competition. Mobile users now typically have upwards of 93 apps on their phone, up from 85 at the end of 2015. While this growth has seen a greater diversity of apps on devices, it means that even leading apps have to fight for the type of engagement that leads to profitability.

Why is Digital Turbine Performing so Well?

The 2021 Index highlights that OEM or on-device platforms such as Digital Turbine are “performing extremely well” by providing on-device app discovery via a persistent experience on new devices, a set-up wizard upon activation, and offering live updates on new apps to try.

Thanks to Digital Turbine’s global partnerships with leading device manufacturers (OEMs) and major mobile networks, app marketers can reach the users that other app marketing platforms cannot reach.

But discoverability is only the first part of the story. Digital Turbine’s technology creates the opportunity for brands to shorten the customer journey by recommending new downloads from their apps portfolio. These app recommendations can then be downloaded and installed painlessly with a SingleTap™, dramatically reducing abandonment by maintaining a single, trusted brand environment.

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By Ravi Pimplaskar
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