Publisher Spotlight: ABI Game Studio

May 26, 2020
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

For those into arcade games, you may have heard of the popular shooting games 1945, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, or Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War, which are topping both popular and top-grossing charts under the arcade category. Did you know that these are all from the same publisher, Onesoft Studio in Vietnam? Onesoft has multiple independent teams and we would like to introduce ABI Game Studio (a.k.a. ABI-Onesoft) today, the leading mobile application development company in Vietnam.

ABI Game Studio has more than 50 games with millions of users across the world. Their Galaxy Attack series is one of their popular games with multiple award-wins for many consecutive years and they continue to create positive changes on mobile platforms through their great world-class services.

For this Publisher Spotlight, we spoke to ABI Game Studio to learn about how a Vietnamese publisher acquired high-quality global users and maintains continuously growth in a very competitive market.

Work Hard, Play Harder

ABI Game Studio has 70+ employees with multiple departments including developers, testers, artists, marketing, and more. They believe in cultural diversity and ensure the most comfortable working environments. Under the company principle of “Work Hard, Play Harder”, it assures employees to complete their work with their best efforts and the company promises compensation to the outcomes the team generates. No doubt that it’s a great place for those who want to showcase their ability, creativity, and talents to the top of their capabilities! The company also encourages fun outside of the office like team building activities, traveling, or after-work hangouts.

Games to Acquire, Grow and Succeed

Their Euramerican style games are usually inspired not by something extraordinary but by our normal life with everyday stories. The team gets ideas from hobbies of their team members or trending news and events happening around the world. They keep an eye on all the popular games globally as well.

ABI attracted millions of high-quality users across the world including the U.S., Korea, France, Denmark, and more via optimizing the ROI on country basis and testing in different platforms to compare ARPU & ROI so that they can integrate the most suitable platforms for their products. They continue to engage users through regular content updates, improving in-app rewards and achievement systems, making more in-app events, and promotion through marketing.

When it comes to game monetization, each game has different methods of monetizing. They set up the most suitable eCPM biddings and ad sources differently for each country to maintain high eCPMs and revenues. They constantly watch the market trend and situation to optimize their games as well.

Test, Test, and Test Again

To make a good game, ABI’s first advice is to build a team with talent, enthusiasm, and well-fitted in company culture. Once the team is set, they establish a clear strategy with a true understanding of their strengths and weaknesses to grab opportunities and to avoid any obstacles. Staying connected with other teams is a good way to learn and get ideas. Once a game is made, ABI tests it over and over again to make sure that the game has no errors and is ready to go live. Lastly, they try different ways to promote and push games.

What’s Next

This year, ABI is going to release and push multiple new games besides shooting games such as racing, puzzle, and solitaire. They expect these new games to bring a brand new experience for their users. Having said that, ABI is planning to recruit more employees to go together with them. They look forward to seeing their new titles gaining more achievements and success in the global gaming industry.

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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