The New Device “App”-alanche: The “In-Market” Advantage

Jul 14, 2020
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Key Takeaways:

  • After unboxing a new phone, acceptance of ALL UA discovery methods is at a peak
  • Preloads are seen equally as helpful, if not moreso, than other discovery methods by new device owners
  • Web/Social Ads, where the majority of advertising spending happens, is seen as 2nd to least helpful
  • Being “On-Device” at unboxing could raise effectiveness of ALL methods

In the first part of our New Device “App”-alanche series we revealed how new device owners “lean-in” to app installs – with increased interest and 3x more installs. Here is part 2:

New device owners are more attuned to all methods of discovery – making them “in-market” for new apps to install and use. App publishers and advertisers should approach the period immediately following unboxing just like a car dealer looks at someone “in-market” to buy a new car. Get in front of them any way you can!

While all methods of discovery see heightened interest – web and social ads, where publishers typically spend most of their dollars, are seen as the 2nd to least most helpful discovery method during this all-important period. Preloads, meanwhile, are seen as being equally effective as other methods… and could raise the effectiveness of ALL methods since being “On-Device” is a way to be seen and noticed by “in-market” new device owners looking to deck out their devices with shiny new apps.

Be part of the New Device “App”-alanche and have your app “slide” into the hands of these “ready to install” new device owners. We’ll be back with part 3 of our series next week.

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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