AT&T Selects Digital Turbine’s Ignite Solution for App Discovery Across New AT&T & Cricket Android Devices

Nov 06, 2015
By: Marissa Camilli

AT&T – one of the world leaders in mobile and wireless with approximately 132 million total subscribers in U.S. and Mexico – has entered into an agreement with Digital Turbine to use DT Ignite for improved app discovery across select AT&T and Cricket devices.

With DT Ignite, top mobile apps can be efficiently installed and managed on new Android devices. The ability for an app to secure placement on the phone greatly increases the likelihood that a brand’s or developer’s app will be seen and used.

Compared to the carrier’s traditional months-long timeframe to get an app installed “at the factory”, Ignite provides faster installation over the cloud with zero-rated data.  Additionally, the user can easily delete and add apps based on their preferences.

Pre-installed apps offer effective brand advertising 

With smartphone users already spending 162 minutes per day on their device (and 86% of this time in apps), there is a great opportunity for brands to make an impression on their users.

With mobile devices having small screens, and with mobile device users having incredibly short attention spans, advertisers face challenges in creating effective mobile advertising.

Pre-installing an app reduces these challenges by helping the app get seen (and used) during the important phone customization period.

If you’re a mobile app maker wanting to increase your app’s usage, consider preloading your app onto home screens of new Android devices.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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