Digital Turbine and Razer – Getting Serious About Gaming

Aug 21, 2019
By: Marissa Camilli

If you are serious about gaming, you’ll know that everyday devices are just not up to scratch when it comes to the latest gaming releases. Gaming PCs are the Formula 1 race cars of the computer world, souped-up to ensure maximum efficiency and ultra-fast gameplay. So when a gamer goes mobile, they’re not going accept just any old smartphone to get their game on.

Enter the Razer Cortex Mobile Platform  – delivering an enhanced mobile gaming environment designed by gamers for gamers.

The #1 Lifestyle Brand for Gamers

Razer is the #1 lifestyle brand for gamers.

The Razer brand incorporates laptops, mobile devices, software, and a wide range of accessories all designed and optimized with the specific needs of the gamer in mind.

Gaming is a serious business. If you want to know just how serious Razer is about gaming, you just need to look at the figures.

93% of Razer peripheral owners play mobile games compared to just 59% of the general online population. Of these Razer mobile gamers, 59% spend money on games compared to just 26% of mobile gamers using other devices.

If you are in the business of marketing gaming apps, Razer’s Cortex Mobile Platform should be on your radar.

What is the Razer Cortex Mobile Platform

The Razer Cortex Mobile Platform is a one-stop Android games client, designed to enhance the mobile gaming experience. The platform recommends new apps, organizes the games already installed on your phone, launching them quickly, and optimizing settings across game titles.

The Cortex Mobile Platform also rewards gamers for playing games with loyalty points called Razer Silver, which can be exchanged for gamer gear and accessories.

Digital Turbine and Razer Play Together

Digital Turbine and Razer have recently announced a partnership designed to make it easier for app developers to put their games in the hands of serious gamers.

The partnership enables Digital Turbine to curate app recommendations to users of Razer Cortex Mobile-enabled smartphones.

Speaking to journalists about the partnership, Quyen Quach, Senior Director for Mobile Software at Razer, said: “Digital Turbine’s platform provides an uninterrupted, and frictionless way for our end users to discover new apps. Mobile gamers are seeking the best way to manage and discover high-performance mobile games and that’s why Razer Cortex Mobile is focused on a curated gamer experience.

“We have created a unique ecosystem geared towards demanding gamers. We are dedicated to providing our users with the best experience on high-quality devices that offer the latest app titles, so our customers stay on the cutting edge. Through this partnership, we can expand app distribution capabilities to serve the breadth of needs of our customers.”

An Affluent, Ad-Friendly Audience

The gaming community does not just provide a desirable target audience for games developers. High-end gamers, like those plating on Razer powered devices are affluent and brand loyal — making the environment very attractive to a wide range of advertisers.

Matt Tubergen, EVP of Digital Turbine Media, said: “We are excited to partner with Razer to power curated app recommendations to users of Razer Cortex Mobile-enabled smartphones. Razer is a leader in delivering high-end devices that are specially designed for this unique audience. This monetization-friendly mobile gaming segment continues to grow double digits around the world, strategically expanding the markets we serve to a more diverse global market footprint.”

A Global Market

To learn more about reaching gamers on the RazerCortex Mobile Platform across multiple international markets (including the US, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Hong Kong) contact us today to speak to one of our gaming app marketing experts.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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