Mobile Marketing 101: How to Smartly Use the App Industry’s Best Kept Secret to Your Advantage

May 18, 2020
By: Marissa Camilli

While we may customize our phones and tablets with downloaded apps, those apps that come with the device tend to live longer. The longer we use a device, the greater an app’s discovery rate becomes. Preloaded apps become part of a carrier or model-specific ecosystem on our phones. It’s where we turn to for weather reports, news, or entertainment.

4 Benefits of Preloaded Apps for Publishers

Overcoming the roadblock that many apps face may not be as tough as first envisioned. For example, Netflix partnered with Verizon to be one of the Android phone preloaded apps on the carrier’s network. Since then, the relationship between the companies has blossomed, and the Verizon Fios TV DVR now has Netflix as a standard app.

What this example indicates is that getting ahead of competitors may require strategic partnerships, and the benefits of preloading apps extend to both users and developers. Here are the 4 main benefits of preloading apps on devices.

1. Added Convenience for Users: The more apps and features a device has, the fewer users have to search and download software. If the app comes with the device, users are more likely to use the service provided and stay loyal to the developers.

2. Users Trust Preloaded Apps: As users know that carriers and OEMs fully vet the software on the devices, users tend to trust preloaded apps more than downloaded apps. Information security remains a concern for the majority of users and apps available in the Google Play Store may pose a risk to devices.

3. It Fosters User Loyalty: Any useful app that works efficiently and delivers the services it promised generates a loyal following. When upgrading to a new phone and finding the app isn’t available, users will search for and install that app. The more popular the app, the greater the likelihood it will lead to other carriers or OEMs wanting to distribute it as a default. Preloading apps makes it more likely that users will view it as a “go-to” app in the future, helping to create a loyal user base.

4. Increases Information and Device Compatibility: Moving from one phone to another that uses the same operating system makes the transition easier for users. An Android phone with preloaded apps usually integrates with the next version seamlessly. This is because the company makes any new operating system available to developers to improve apps using the new features and capabilities provided.

Get Your App Preloaded with Digital Turbine for Improved Conversions

Digital Turbine has a network of channels spanning different carriers and OEMs. We help organizations distribute apps in a cost-effective way that also maximizes ROI. Digital Turbine can deliver app preloads to devices once a user activates a device.

In order to compete in the ever-evolving app market, you’ll need a marketing and app delivery platform that goes beyond the mundane. Digital Turbine has a mobile app delivery platform and partnerships with major OEMs and carriers that can help your app thrive in the Android ecosystem.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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