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Superstar Apps: What Are Native App Preloads and Why Do They Matter?

In the world of entertainment, everyone
loves a showstopper — but it’s often what goes on behind the scenes that makes
a superstar appear so faultless in the eyes of their adoring public. It’s
exactly the same in the equally glitzy world of smartphones. Sure, your latest
model smartphone with its Dynamic AMOLED display, multiple lens camera and Octa
core processor (what does this even mean?) is pretty impressive but it would be
nothing without its apps.

The fact is, regardless of the
specification of your device, it is the various apps installed on your
smartphone that make it truly useful. If we weren’t able to access our email,
our social media, various media players, games, news, weather, shopping app,
health trackers, etc., etc., and the list goes on and on, there would be little
point of actually owning a smartphone.

The device might be the “headline act” at
the moment of unboxing but without the “supporting cast” of the apps hosted on
the phone’s home screen, its moment in the spotlight is going to be limited.


Smartphone manufacturers know that their “superstar” devices have to share some the spotlight with a “chorus line” of app developers to create a real buzz about their devices. This is why new devices always come dynamically installed (preloaded) with high-quality apps that users can engage with from the moment the stage is lit (or the device is powered-up).

For many smartphone owners, that moment of
unboxing would be unimaginable without seeing their favorite apps lined-up and
ready to go. It’s also important to remember when half of all smartphone owner
never download an app from an app marketplace like Google Play, the moment of
unboxing might be their only opportunity to shine.


Apps that aren’t available during the
premier performance of a device have to fight for their place in spotlight and
fame and fortune don’t come easily. This is especially true for apps hoping to
make it big via traditional routes to market.

It’s not enough to have talent, app developers and marketers must constantly optimize their app listings and throw a ton of money at campaigns to ensure they, at the very least, stay visible. For every app that makes it, there are many more “wannabes”.

an Overnight Success

Success in the app game is very much like
show business. It’s all about being seen by the right people, in the right
place, at the right time. For ambitious app developers, this isn’t amongst the
crowds of wannabes, it’s up there on the main stage with all the other app
superstars (thing Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

Preloading creates the opportunity to
position your apps on specific devices or mobile networks ensuring you get the
audience you deserve. Preloading focuses the attention on your app at the
moment of maximum device engagement – the unboxing. This is the moment when
users want to be impressed and see exactly what they can do with their new
device. If your app performs well on this debut performance, it stands a much
better chance of future engagement than it ever would languishing in the wings
(Google Play).

Distribution: Alternative Routes to Market for Android Developers

Note: Dynamic Installs don’t negate the need for talent. In fact, app quality is a pre-requisite of any pre-loading campaign. Device manufacturers will only share the stage with apps that meet specific standards in terms of quality and security.

the Right Audience

Success isn’t always about mass appeal.
More often than not, it’s about finding the right audience. At Digital Turbine
we always strive to position the right app in front of the right people at the
right time. This means carefully selecting the right manufacturers, devices,
networks and geographies for preloaded apps to appear on. Depending on your
specific targeting requirements, our experience can even help developers find
the right age, gender, and demographic to ensure their app finds a potentially
lucrative market.

Connecting developers to the right people
at the various smartphone manufacturers and mobile networks is a complex task.
The team at Digital Turbine have built their business on the back of successful
relationships with all the major global smartphone brands and networks. Whether
you are looking to find a new audience for your app in the Americas, Europe,
Africa, Asia or the Pacific regions — we know the right people to speak to.

a Springboard to Lifelong Success

Placing the right app in front of the right
audience is only the first step towards app superstardom. Once you have built
your audience and generated fans there is no stopping you. App developers can
use preloaded hero products to promote their wider portfolio of apps via
technologies like Digital Turbine’s SingleTap™ Installs. This enables the
developer to create more opportunities to engage their audience and more
opportunities to drive profitable engagement through eCommerce, in-app
purchases, or advertising.

Top Game Developer Enjoys 7x Lift in
Conversion Rates with SingleTap™ Installs.


If you have an app that deserves to be seen by a much wider audience, talk to one of our app marketing experts today about how Dynamic Installs can make you a star.

There is still time to secure prime billing on popular
devices in the run-up to the holidays but availability is limited. Call us
today to secure your campaign.  

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