A New Kind of DSP: Can Your DSP Do That? Part 1 of 3

Jun 23, 2021
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

What makes the DSP you use different? Today, the key differentiators aren’t transparent. Basically they are hidden behind a black box – sketchy algorithms and sketchier pricing. With all DSPs buying from the same sources, what you get likely isn’t all the different. Many advertisers consider their DSP a means to an end – not a partner helping them achieve their goals. 

Digital Turbine’s DSP brings real differentiators that make it a must-try for leading advertisers. Thanks to our on-device platform, we remove many of the barriers and inefficiencies other DSPs have. The insights open new doors of opportunity that others can’t reach. This leads to performance and growth improvements across the board for all our customers.

Here are 3 different and better things that our DSP can do that your DSP can’t:

  1. Unique Audience Access – There is an inside advantage of being on-device and we use that to benefit our customers. While other DSPs “hunt” for audiences to see what works, our on-device tech already knows where to start by using our proprietary data. By using these insights we can give you unique audience sets that you won’t capture anywhere else. 
  2. The SingleTap Boost – Friction in the app install process can hamper any super creative campaign. But as the only DSP offering our patented SingleTap technology, users can bypass that friction (they don’t even have to go to the app store!) and have the app installed in the background with one touch! This result is a 3-5x improvement in conversion rates. Is that something you might like?
  3. True ROI and Scale – What all this brings is true efficiency in your campaigns. No more cold starts! Your campaigns will hit the ground running and help you achieve the scale you are looking for in weeks instead of months. 

Digital Turbine’s DSP is easy to get started with. We can ramp up your campaign in weeks. If you are looking for a way to find new audiences and supercharge your growth (and who isn’t), it’s time to elevate your game with a New Kind of DSP. Download our case study to learn more.

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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