The Galaxy S20 – It’s Almost Too Good

After months of speculation, Samsung has finally revealed its latest batch of smartphones. The Galaxy S20 range of devices not only completely shakes up Samsung's naming convention taking a massive leap from the single figure reiterations of old (…, S8, S9, S10), they also take a massive leap forward in performance and capabilities.There’s plenty to get excited about with the new S20 range. This isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade with few performance tweaks. The S20 will be the device that all other devices are measured up against in the coming 12-months.5G – Go, Go, Go! The S20 will be the first 5G device that many people get their hands and as 2020 is the year that 5G networks roll out and become the norm across the world (and not just in major cities), last year’s devices are going to look incredibly slow in comparison.For businesses, 5G will turn smartphones from useful communication tools into lightning-fast productivity suites. For leisure users, 5G turns the smartphone into a lifestyle enhancer and entertainment hub. The Galaxy S20 in your pocket won’t just be your smartphone, it will be an extension of everything you do.Further Reading:Future Gazing: 5G for the PeopleLights, CAMERAS, Action! For many people, it’s the S20’s cameras that will make the device stand out. At their “unpackaging” event on February 11th, Samsung described the camera system on the S20 devices as “Quality, quality, quality,” and stated that it would take smartphone photography to the next level.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZG71LPjg-oAs well as unbelievable zoom functionality and unique AI system to ensure you always get the best shot, Samsung's new camera systems enable the user to shoot in amazingly high-quality 8K video. When combined with lightning-fast 5G capabilities to upload that video to YouTube – device owners really can have the power to carry a professional video production facility around in their pocket.With so much creative power, the Galaxy S20 really is designed to become the content creators’ choice of device.And it’s not just high profile influencers, like Sam Evans, featured in the launch video who will benefit from the amazing camera system on the S20. Don’t we all want to take better pictures, shoot more professional video and really shine on social media?And for every social media influencer, and wannabe social media influencer, there is a business that needs great photos and amazing video but doesn't have the budget to invest in a professional production.Every estate agent, every car dealer, every landscape gardener, every chief, in fact, every business where a visual can help generate a lead or make a sale, should own a smartphone like the Galaxy S20.More than Just a Game!The Galaxy S20 also has gamers covered. In collaboration with Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios, S20 owners will have access to the Forza racing game via the Galaxy Store. This is a big deal for Samsung because typically Xbox Game Studios titles are traditionally exclusively released to Microsoft's first-party platforms.Samsung has also improved touch-sensitivity on the S20 range to 240Hz making games more responsive by detecting finger brushes and taps at a much higher rate than available on previous devices. There is also talk about possible collaborations in the game streaming arena. More details regarding this are expected in the summer but with Samsung investing heavily in 5G with the S20 range of devices (not to mention it’s 6.2-inch 120Hz display), these new smartphones will undoubtedly be very popular with gamers the world over.Too Powerful? A Good Problem to HaveIt's hard to criticize the new S20 devices. If anything, the only thing that early reviewers have chosen to criticize is the fact that the device's battery and available memory is almost too powerful for most users' needs.Samsung isn't taking any prisoners when it comes to the device memory. In fact, they will probably make your laptop look a little weak in comparison. The S20 device boasts of 12GB of RAM while the S20 Ultra 5G will have a staggering 16GB of RAM. What are you going to do with all this memory? Well, we're particularly excited about the possibilities it creates to optimize absolutely everything we do in the digital space from a single device. Think about all the things this incredible memory could enable you to do in terms of creativity, productivity and, of course, gaming.BTW, we’ve been talking about how Samsung is re-defining exactly what a smartphone is for quite a while now.What’s Not Included? If you’re still looking for a headphone jack socket on your smartphone can we remind you that we’ve just entered a new decade? Let's leave all those trailing wires on telephone sets belonging to the Alexander Graham Bell era. There are many good reasons why smartphone manufacturers should remove headphone jacks beyond the fact that technology has moved on. At the very least, it creates more space on the device for more innovative technologies like improved batteries.How Can I Pre-Load My App to the S20 DevicesJudging by the excitement brewing across both mainstream and online media, Samsung’s S20 release is already eagerly anticipated amongst the industry and smartphone loving public.The Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra will be released on March 6th in the US, Australia, and the UAE, hitting European stores a week later, with analysts predicting that the Korean tech giants will ship in-excess of 40 million units in 2020, outselling the previous flagship model, the S10, by a cool 10 million devices. For app developers, this creates the opportunity to position their apps on millions of "box fresh" new devices in the coming months.To learn how Digital Turbine can help you pre-load your app on the latest Samsung S20 devices, contact us today and ask to speak with one of our app marketing experts.

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