The Super Bowl Ads That Scored Big

Another Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. This year’s telecast broke viewership records, with 123.4 million viewers tuning in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs clinch victory (again!) over the San Francisco 49ers. From Taylor Swift's cheering to Usher's roller-skating, there was plenty of entertainment for viewers of all kinds. And that didn’t stop with the commercials. There were plenty of eye-catching, star-studded ads but here are the ones that caught our attention.

Turbo Tax


By offering a chance to win $1 million and providing a QR code for immediate engagement, Turbo Tax tapped into viewers' penchant for interactive experiences. Our research last year has shown that mobile calls-to-action in Super Bowl ads increase viewer interest and engagement, making Turbo Tax's strategy both timely and effective, especially with tax season on the horizon.



Dunkin' continued its tradition of star-studded ads, featuring Ben Affleck once again with the help of his friends and wife: Matt Damon, Tom Brady, and Jennifer Lopez. Leveraging star power to promote their DunKings Menu, the ad encouraged brand loyalty and repeat usage. The brand has since released a longer commercial cut and will share the full song by the DunKings on social channels, allowing it's creative to live on mobile to keep audiences engaged long after the game.



Temu, a newcomer to last year’s Super Bowl, made waves again with its catchy song and multiple airings leading to it being the most talked-about brand with over 33,000 mentions online. Their cross-channel promotion strategy, including sending out email blasts to current users after the ad aired, showcased their ability to attract new users and engage their existing customer base. However, Temu missed an opportunity that other brands seized by not utilizing QR codes in their ads which could have prompted immediate app downloads.

This year's Super Bowl ads demonstrated the importance of sustaining brand buzz beyond the big game. Whether through sweepstakes, celebrity endorsements, or cross-channel promotion, brands that effectively leverage their creatives on mobile can maximize their reach and leave a lasting impression on viewers long after the final whistle blows.

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