4 Reasons Discovery UA Can Alter the Streaming Wars for Amazon and Others

Dec 07, 2022
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Amazon Music and Spotify run my mornings as I hustle to get ready for the day. Netflix and HBO Max run my evenings when we settle down to watch some good wholesome content about aliens and serial killers. Streaming music and video have become a natural part of everyone’s daily routine, even if everyone’s calendar looks different.

The market for streaming content is massive. A whopping 83% of U.S. consumers own a streaming video subscription while 77% use a streaming music service. But with a plethora of streaming options available, streaming marketers are always looking for that ace in the hole to stay ahead of the competition. And On-Device Discovery might be the secret weapon that will help determine winners and losers in 2023.  

What is On-Device Discovery?

There is one massive difference between streaming content and other staples of our daily lives: we aren’t as beholden to certain brands as we might be when it comes to our coffee, soda, or apparel. While we may always choose to visit Starbucks, drink Coca-Cola, or buy Nike sneakers, we can be more fickle about streaming content. 

When it comes to subscription services where switching is easy, the newest shiny object usually gets the most attention. Consider Q2 of this year when Netflix was facing headwinds of bad press and predictions of doom. Then they released Stranger Things and ended up crushing it in subscriber growth anyway. 

One method brands have used to keep consumer attention is On-Device Discovery. It makes app discovery a natural extension of smartphone usage by keeping brands available on the device until the consumer is ready to use them. Some ways that Digital Turbine aids streaming and other brands through discovery are:

  1. Preloading Apps on New Devices
  2. Offering Apps In Set-Up Wizards
  3. Promoting Apps Via Device Notifications
  4. Leveraging Direct App Install Capability 

On-Device Discovery allows brands to stay on top of consumer’s minds until their mindset has them ready to indulge. And when it comes to watching videos and listening to music, that’s a mindset that happens nearly daily. 

Here are 4 reasons that On-Device Discovery can have a massive impact on the streaming wars:

  1. 1. Try Before You Buy: One reason many subscription services are adding freemium tiers of services is because they allow people to try their content before making a bigger investment. Discovery is ideal for these “taste tests”. And much like when we’re wine tasting, if we like our first taste, we’ll undoubtedly indulge more.
  1. 2. People Seek Streaming: There are two key qualities of apps that coax consumers to quickly try out an app found on or promoted on a new device: brand power and leisure-time use. And streaming brands have them both in spades. Our BRAG Index revealed that streaming brands have the highest levels of consumer awareness of any app category. And since streaming music and video are leisure-time guilty pleasures,  top brands are assured of being discovered by consumers quickly. 
  1. 3. Proven Success: Apple has long used discovery through device integration to grow their properties. Our recent BRAG Index showed how Shazam became a Transcender in the music category once Apple (which has owned the app for years) gave it a premium placement in the control center on their devices. 
  1. 4. Optimal Prime: Aside from Apple, no other streaming company probably understands the power of On-Device than Amazon. As I regularly stream music from my Alexa, Amazon Music is the obvious choice for my morning routine. And my Amazon Echo will also offer me previews and promotions for all of Amazon Prime’s hot new shows. Now imagine being able to extend that power to everyone’s smartphone as well? That’s why On-Device Discovery can be a true game changer for streaming wars.

On-Device discovery can happen in many ways: for example through preloads, strategic recommendations, setup wizards, targeted display ads, frictionless installs and more. Contact the Digital Turbine team to find out the ideal set of solutions for your Streaming app! 

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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