5 Things (and 1 Big Secret) About Android Users That All Advertisers Must Know

Jul 27, 2021
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Can you get the same user value out of Android as you do iOS? That’s something many advertisers may be asking after the rollout of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency network, which has resulted in 2 out of 3 iPhone users opting to NOT let apps track their activity – and consequently has seen ad spend on iOS drop by 33%

While certain common beliefs about Android may have impacted ad spend in the past, we have new data that reveals a richer picture – and one BIG secret any advertiser looking to spend money should know about finding Android users.

First about the data: The GlobalWebIndex provides customer insights of 240 million consumers across all 50 US states – providing a sample size 3 times larger than most surveys. The data below compares iOS users to Android users across interests, sentiment, attitudes and more across the last 4 quarters.

5 Things That Caught Our Eye

  1. When it comes to leisure media, Android users have slightly more interest in Film, Music, and Television than both iOS users and the general survey population.
  2. Android and iOS users are very similar when it comes to shopping philosophy – with both being more likely to use discount codes, loyalty programs, online research, and expert opinions before choosing a brand.
  3. Both Android and iOS users are more likely to consider themselves Gamers than the general population – but Android users are 10% more likely to be Gamers than iOS users.
  4. When it comes to hobbies, Android and iOS users have similar levels of interest in the Arts, Current Affairs, Pop Culture, and Home & Lifestyle Content
  5. When it comes to specific interests, Android users are more likely than iOS users to be interested in apps that focus on Gadgets, Science, Television, Gambling, Gardening, Health Foods, Local Issues, Current Events, Outdoor activities (like camping), and Wildlife. 

… And The One Big Secret 

While Android users are similar or better ad targets in many ways, HOW to find them might be profoundly different. Android Users are 25% less likely to classify themselves as “Social Media Scrollers” and 44% more likely to not use social media at all compared to iOS users (NOTE: Android users are only 7 percent more to not use social media when compared to all users). 

For advertisers, that means the same sort of campaign investments they make on iOS may not return similar results on Android. Thankfully, there are options beyond the social media scroll to find long term value in Android users – including on-device solutions. Want to find out more about how to find Android users that want your app? Contact us Today! 

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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