Anatomy of App Discovery Part 2: The Days to 25 Metric and “Fast Discovered” Apps

Apr 30, 2021
By: Jon Hudson

Mobile advertising tends to happen during moments when consumers are engaged in other activities — at a pause in a game, reading content, browsing a feed. But consumers also are discovering new apps outside those moments — during phone set-up, changing screens, or organizing apps. Our 4 part series talks about these “outside the app” discovery moments. Here is Part 2:

Key takeaways:

  • While all apps eventually get discovered, some apps get discovered faster
  • We measure speed to discovery by how many days it takes to get to a 25% conversion rate (Days to 25)
  • “Fast Discovered” app categories have a 7 Days to 25 window and include Social, Media & VDO, and Music & Audio apps.

In Part 1 of our series, we learned that there are three dimensions that can affect how fast “outside the app” discovery can occur:

  1. If the user has heard of your Brand.
  2. If your app Icon is eye catching.
  3. If your app has Leisure-time appeal.

Keep in mind that eventually, ALL apps will get discovered — some just take longer than others. For our purposes, we are measuring speed similar to how you might measure a car’s acceleration. While all cars will eventually go from 0–60 mph, some cars get there faster than others. When it comes to apps, we are measuring how long (in days) it takes to get to a 25% conversion rate (Days to 25). A conversion is a preloaded app that gets opened and used.

Top tier performing apps have Days to 25 rates that are 7 days or less. These “fast discovered” apps check the box in at least 2, if not all 3, of the dimensions above.

Social apps, like Facebook or TikTok, have quickly recognizable icons through prior use or word of mouth reviews and appeal to our “lean-back” moments when we’re looking for something fun to occupy us. New phone owners that want apps they know they will use right out of the gate. Social apps where they can start connecting (and, hey — brag about their new phone) are HIGHLY desired.

Other categories that fit in the 7 Days to 25 window are Media & VDO apps (like Hulu or Netflix) and Music & Audio (like Spotify or Pandora). In many cases, these apps are very well known brands and have a very high leisure-time appeal. After all, our smartphones are also our new-age radios and televisions!

Just because an app has a longer Days to 25 metric doesn’t mean it won’t thrive via app discovery UA. Oftentimes, users need a specific prompt, event or circumstance to spark the need to open up and use the app. Meanwhile, the app icon sits on the phone as an ever-present reminder. And once the day comes that they have the need to travel, order food, play a game, or read a news article, the app is right there waiting for them.

How many Days to 25 does it take for these other categories? Find out in part 3 of our series coming soon!

By Jon Hudson
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