Gamers and Preloads: A Tasty Combination

Jan 08, 2021
By: Jon Hudson

Key Takeaways:

  • Half of mobile gamers do not find UA ads helpful.
  • Gamers prefer preloads over all other paid UA methods.
  • Within 90 days, gamers often try out preloads.
  • An average of 37% of game preloads lead to ongoing players.

The only thing gamers like more than playing games is finding new ones. And their preferred way to whet their appetite with a new game is having them right on the device, hot and ready to be served. Recently, leading research firm Phoenix Marketing International conducted a survey of mobile phone users and found that out of all paid UA methods, the one that gamers found most savory was preloads.

Game preloads offer low-friction access that make them extremely easy for gamers to try out. If you’re not one of many publishers already using preloads, putting your games in front of new eyeballs typically means pushing promos in the usual spots.

But that’s a clear mistake in promoting your games: half of mobile gamers do not find UA ads helpful. For perspective, that’d be 1.1 billion players you’d miss if you stuck with traditional methods alone.

You’re probably wondering how that can be, especially when traditional app marketing methods are a staple in this massive industry? After all, apps like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans made a name for themselves through effective use of UA ads and app store optimization. However, not all games have the immediate mass appeal and word of mouth virality that enabled these games to cut through the competitive noise that every other game gets lost in.

For those games looking to break through the competition in the app store, preloads offer a great answer. They offer the whole product, neatly plated, and served direct to the customer on a digital platter. Whether a full game or a trial, preloaded games are ready to widen a player’s palate from the first fresh bootup of their new phones — or any time thereafter where they might be ready for a new challenge. It’s the low-friction decision making that grabs your audience, offering you an undeniable chance at gaining recurring players.

Publishers have a clear opportunity to hit the jackpot by delivering their game right to a gamer’s doorstep: the smartphone home screen. Preloads might be the right way to invite these underserved gamers to dig into your hot-and-ready releases. Check out our insight report to discover more about why preloads could be the extra spice you need to flavor up your marketing campaigns.

By Jon Hudson
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