Klarna Jumps Into In-Game Advertising – AdNews Magazine Feature

Aug 12, 2021
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

We are excited to share that AdNews Australia has featured Digital Turbine in their July/August 2021 magazine issue. The piece titled, “Klarna jumps into in-game advertising” looks at the company’s first foray into in-game ads and the results it delivered.

In-game advertising has become increasingly attractive for brands since the pandemic. As a result of more people staying indoors, 2020 has accelerated gaming both in terms of the total number of people playing games as well as the total time spent on gaming. This has helped position the industry as Australia’s fastest-growing entertainment channel. Research by Digital Turbine also revealed that 57% of Australians played mobile games daily, up from 43% from pre-COVID-19. This resulted in a larger pool of passionate gamers who are engaged and paying close attention to their mobile screens.

Recognizing the boost gaming received during the COVID-19 pandemic, FinTech company Klarna decided to launch its “K-Rated” campaign within mobile gaming environments. The campaign aims to raise awareness and drive consideration among a diverse range of shoppers in Australia to use Klarna when shopping online. With the help of Anzu’s integrated advertising solution, Digital Turbine delivered the ads in a format called VDOOH (virtual digital out-of-home). VDOOH are ads in the form of billboards and posters strategically placed within the gaming environment, simulating out-of-home ads in the physical world.

Through Digital Turbine’s proprietary platform, Klarna was able to tailor its ads to gamers’ interests and also test out in-game advertising as a brand-safe environment for engagement. The campaign achieved 357,643 impressions and led to 64,840 unique gamers reached in Australia.

Rebecca Selth, Consumer Marketing Manager of Klarna Australia, said, “In-game advertising was a clear choice to add to the marketing mix, which allowed Klarna to test the platform following the increasing popularity of gaming in Australia. After seeing the results that in-game advertising achieved for K-Rated, Klarna will be looking to incorporate more in-game advertising in the strategic plans of future campaigns, as well targeting consumers across the broader gaming and esports spectrum including livestream audiences.” See the full AdNews article on page 39 to gain insights into the campaign and the power of in-game advertising!

Check out the full publication piece here for more insights:

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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