Now is the Time to Leverage Web Traffic for App UA

Apr 13, 2021
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Key Takeaways:

  • The recent changes to iOS 14 means advertisers should act urgently to maintain user acquisition and stay ahead of competition
  • A joint solution from Digital Turbine and Branch can improve your conversion rate by 10x or more
  • Journeys + SingleTap is easy to implement and removes friction end to end on the UA funnel
  • This one solution can help convert mobile web users to apps at exponentially high rates and be up to 50% of total UA

For advertisers looking to make up for an expected shortfall in user acquisition due to iOS uncertainty, there’s a solution that can help. A joint solution that combines Branch’s Journeys with Digital Turbine’s SingleTap optimizes every part of your mobile funnel to convert users at rates 10x higher than industry averages. What’s more – it’s super easy to use. We’ve seen advertisers drive up to 50% of their UA – which is why advertisers should act urgently to try this unique solution.

Why Now?

The recent changes to iOS 14 that prioritizes user privacy will impact advertisers and have many looking for new ways to spend their budgets. With effective Cost per Install (or eCPI) on iPhones increasing, other “safer” mediums, like Android, will be explored. But due to the immediacy of the moment, optimizing those campaigns will be of great importance. Journeys + SingleTap is an Android solution that can bring about immediate, high impact value to your user acquisition campaigns.

How It Helps

User friction is a common thorn when it comes to UA. As solutions emerge and evolve, the most successful ones have always made it easier for the user to see, click, or get what they want. Journeys + SingleTap is an easy to use solution that does all 3 – proven to improve view to click, click to install, and conversion rates exponentially.

Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

Journeys makes that first step super enticing for the user. By using contextual algorithms, the solution uses certain triggers (like if they’ve visited the app and what they’ve seen prior) to create smart, personalized banners that provide a quick and seamless way into your app. The click preserves the “context” and then deep links the user to the desired place within the app.

For example, let’s say a user has been browsing a mobile web site and viewed a certain dress multiple times. Journeys will take that context and offer promotional ads to buy that specific dress within an app. The user sees the promotion, clicks, and once they open the app – they are taken right to the dress deal they initially wanted. While most view to click rates are less than 1%, Journeys VTC range from 3-10%!

More Clicks is Great, But Then What?

Glad you asked. With SingleTap, those increased clicks convert at a MUCH higher rate. While normal click to install rates are below 20%, Journey’s personalization along with SingleTap can improve them to as high as 70%. SingleTap removes friction from the install process by allowing a user to bypass the store and download the app with, well, a single tap.

Now, in the above dress example, those increased clicks can go right to the dress within the app with a single click. No traversing the app store, reading reviews, or wading through other distractions before they click the install button. Instead, those distractions are minimized and the user’s intended interaction with the ad (viewing and purchasing the dress) is maintained in one simple and easy user flow.

The Ideal Journeys + SingleTap Customer

Dress retailers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this joint solution. Any app that has large value in pushing users to their app environment will be rewarded. Retail, e-delivery, quick service restaurants, finance and other eCommerce apps have strong use cases. However, any category of app with the following characteristics can see a huge benefit:

  • Low App Adoption
  • High Mobile Web Traffic
  • High Value of App Users (Higher conversion, Lower churn)
  • Have contextual “signals” in their users’ journeys that an advertiser can use to improve targeting

The best part about all of this? If you are interested, the solution is simple to implement. It can be as easy as swapping out a link!

Next Steps

If you want to see another real world example, this video case study with iFit gives more information. You can also contact us or request a demo.

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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