Why Mobile Marketers Should Preload First

You have Facebook, Google, Ad Networks, and more to reach mobile users. To raise awareness, you could buy YouTube ads, TV commercials, even sponsorships and guerilla marketing. All these things are done to achieve the same end goal: getting users to download your app. But what if you could skip all these steps and simply place your app directly on the user’s device? Enter the Native App Preload.Digital Turbine has partnered with mobile operators and device manufacturers all over the world, from AT&T to Motorola to Verizon. What better way to cut the middleman than by preloading your app directly onto new devices? It’s no secret that click-to-install rates leave something to be desired. In comparison to a traditional marketing campaign, app preloads remove all the guesswork that comes with relying on users to go to the app store and download your app on their own.How does it work? Digital Turbine’s Ignite technology is preinstalled on select Android devices by the mobile operator or OEM during the manufacturing process.This way, you get installs from real mobile users, without the fraud. In the US alone, Ignite is installed on over 70% of Android phones that will be sold in 2017!There are certain types of app that everybody needs. A news app, weather app, a music app or two, a few casual games, et cetera. Studies show that most smartphone users download zero apps per month. Preloaded apps, by being on device first, give your app a chance at being the “go-to” app for new users. And we all know how competitive the mobile market is – music streaming and food delivery apps are offering their product for free in hopes of gaining a loyal customer.As our culture shifts from the big screen to the small screen, brands have an opportunity to make a strong impression and stay relevant. People are spending more time than ever on their smartphones, making mobile the best real estate in the digital business. Preloading your app on new devices, cuts out the middleman, skips the fraud, and gives your app a better chance to reach new users as they are first discovering their new device. Simply put, app preloads offer the most direct and efficient route to put your digital product in directly in front of the most customer eyeballs.

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