Brand Safety

Brand safety is one of our core strengths for advertisers. As the first mobile ad marketplace to be fully integrated with Moat, Integral Ad Science, and DoubleVerify for in-app measurement, we take brand safety assurance seriously.

More details on how that happens, and our official policy regarding brand safety, is included below.

Digital Turbine will take all reasonable efforts to minimize the risk of ad misplacement on its marketplace, both direct-sold campaigns, as well as those trafficked programmatically.

Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Schedules
Digitial Turbine has its monetization SDKs directly integrated with its app publisher partners, which gives advertisers control over the environments they run in. Our publishing team manually vets all apps before they ever receive any non-test traffic from our marketplace to ensure that they only contain appropriate content for our advertisers for our campaigns.

We also adhere to specific whitelists and/or blacklists supplied by advertisers and use a combination of in-house and third-party tools to monitor where ads are delivered. Contextual targeting can be used to exclude advertisers from apps and content categories they may find objectionable to their overall brand image.

Prohibited Content
The below-listed content categories are prohibited across apps where ads are served. Any apps identified across these content categories are blocked and added to a blacklist.

The below-listed content categories are prohibited across apps where ads are served. Any apps identified across these content categories are blocked and added to a blacklist.

  • Adult Content
  • Offensive Language
  • Hate Speech
  • Illegal activity
  • Illegal Downloads/Streaming
  • Real-world violence (implied or actual)
  • Gambling (actual currency)

Should any of the above be detected, the app will be paused from monetization and our Publishing team will open an investigation into the content of the app. Should the investigation find that the app has violated our brand safety guidelines, it will be suspended immediately and removed from our marketplace.

Official Takedown Policy
In the event that an ad appears in an app which a client deems inappropriate or brand unsafe, clients should contact their Account Manager. The campaign can be paused while the relevant team members investigate, on request from the client.

All takedown requests received within business hours associated with the country your contact is located in (Monday-Thursday 9am-5.30pm, Friday 9am-5pm) will be actioned within three (3) working hours, or within the timescales specified in individual terms and conditions. The contractual consequences of not taking down an advertisement in accordance with our takedown policy are agreed with the buyer on a case by case basis.

Third Party Verification
To eradicate any potential issues of brand safety and fraud Digital Turbine has partnered with leading viewability measurement partners Moat, Integral Ad Science (IAS), and DoubleVerify. These partners allow every single campaign and creative within our marketplace to be closely monitored, ensuring high-quality traffic in brand-safe environments throughout our supply.

In addition to the above partners we can also investigate relationships with other verification and attribution companies on a campaign-by-campaign basis, should you choose to work with another third-party.

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