Beko Virtual Showroom Drives 13% End-Card Engagement with DT Creative Labs

  • GOAL

    Increase product awareness and engagement




    Connection Type: Wifi, Cellular
    Device OS: Android, iOS


    Dynamic End Card


Beko has grown into Europe’s favorite freestanding home appliance brand. Over the past two decades, the company has focused on innovation to make its customers’ lives more convenient and healthier. The easy-to-use and practical of their products have made Beko the fastest-growing brand in the European market.



Beko put an emphasis on introducing eco-friendly appliances for a healthy planet, reflecting the brand’s sustainable mission. With a goal of carrying this message into the Romanian market, Beko was faced with the challenge of engaging users from a new market with its wide variety of products. The primary challenge of the campaign was creating the right creatives and environments to increase engagement with the target audiences: housewives, professionals, and parents, meeting them in the mobile gaming ecosystem they are already in.



The DT Creative Lab team created a unique gamified environment able to showcase the variety of the most common Beko kitchen appliances: fridges, dishwashers, furnaces, microwaves, ovens, and stove ventilators. After a 30-second captivating promotional video, the premium Dynamic End Card invited users to discover the variety of Beko’s featured home appliances. Users were able to tap their screens and look closely at the product design and its functionalities, inviting them to engage with products in an entertaining way. The campaign harnessed the mobile environment’s unique ability to deliver mobile-only data signals, reaching Beko’s target audience in the right place at the right time. 

This virtual experience successfully lets users interact with the ad in the best way possible, inviting them to explore Beko’s showroom through an implemented CTA button that is delivered. 


The Results

  • 98% video completion rate
  • 13% engagement rate
  • 52K total Dynamic End Card engagements  
  • 10 extra seconds of user interaction

DT Creative Labs crafted a unique creative ad that works.”

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