Opet's Creative End Card Drives 10.7% Increase in Purchase Intent

Working with DT Creative Lab won Opet 8.7 extra seconds of user interaction and 8.9% uplift in ad recall

Ad Views
Video Completion Rate
End Card Views

The unique map end card created by DT Creative Labs elevated awareness for our brand.


Company Overview

Having been the pioneer of many things since its establishment Opet is the first brand that brought 98 octanes of unleaded gasoline to Turkey and offered Ultra Euro Diesel fuel to Turkish consumers before Europe. Opet makes difference in the sector with its new products and services, rapidly growing station network, and social responsibility projects, i.e. Clean Toilet, Green Road, Exemplary Village, and Tribute for History. Currently the 2nd biggest fuel-oil distribution company in Turkey, Opet has more than 1,800 stations under the brand OPET & SUNPET.

The Challenge

Opet is one of Turkey’s leading country-wide oil providers that powers millions of vehicles daily. With multiple stations opening, the company wanted to achieve awareness locations, reaching existing and potential customers and getting them to one of their stations. In a market with many options, the challenge was getting users to the nearest station and establishing them as a client. Opet turned to DT for its creative execution and reach, looking for a way to maximize interaction through unique creatives.

The Solutions

With the unique ‘Map End Card’ DT Creative Lab created for OPET, users were easily directed to the nearest OPET station near them. Drawing attention to OPET locations and special offers and products, the end card engaged the consumer and caught their attention.[br]DT Creative Lab integrated the navigation feature into the video end card, creating a bridge that connected the online and offline environment. By allowing users to discover the locations of the stations instantly and inviting them to ‘Take a Route’, OPET had the opportunity to provide a memorable experience. In addition to the route, different CTA buttons placed in the dynamic end card featured product offerings and special offers, further engaging the users.

The Results

  • 1.2 million ad views
  • 90% video completion rate
  • 1.1 million end card views
  • More than 125,000 clicks
Increase brand awareness and user interaction
Targeted Devices
Android & iOS
Ad Unit
Dynamic end card - premium game

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