DT’s Unique Post-Video Experience Takes Turkish Airlines’ Campaign to New Heights

The unique video ad format created an immersive user experience, driving strong results in multiple markets
Completion Rate
CTR, Exceeding Benchmark by 2X
Major Markets Worldwide
With Digital Turbine’s technology and creatives, we were able to deliver a great ad experience to mobile users, just like we do for the passengers on our flights. Reaching a relevant audience in multiple key markets with an impactful mobile experience made our campaign resonate around the world - and drive results.

Özge Güner, Digital Advertising Supervisor

Turkish Airlines

Company Overview

Turkish Airlines, one of the world’s leading airlines, connects global travelers to the unique charm of Türkiye and a variety of global destinations. Turkish Airlines has earned a reputation for excellence in service, punctuality, and passenger satisfaction. Operating a modern and diverse fleet, the airline serves an extensive network of destinations, bridging continents and fostering cultural exchange.

The Challenge

Turkish Airlines sought to create a compelling mobile advertising campaign to promote Türkiye as a diverse and enticing tourist destination. The challenge was to explore ways to showcase the country’s rich cultural and geographical offerings in a way that would be fun and engaging for a diverse audience spread across 17 countries where the campaign would run. The emphasis was on developing an engaging campaign that highlighted Türkiye’s wide variety of tourist attractions and locations – from summer getaways to cultural explorations and exceptional gastronomic experiences.

The Solution

The DT Creative Lab team worked with Turkish Airlines to achieve their objectives by combining DT’s top-quality creative and original execution. A custom post-video “teleport” experience featuring an interactive map of Türkiye was created to enhance user engagement. Users were encouraged to explore different destinations within the country catering to a wide variety of tourists. The drag & drop action allowed users to ״fly” a Turkish Airlines plane to their desired destination, landing in their destination of choice in an instant. Upon arrival, users could navigate and explore the area in a 360° view. This immersive experience went beyond traditional advertising, allowing users to visit the highlighted destinations virtually. As users explored each destination, detailed information about local attractions, food and beverage, accommodation, and entertainment was provided. The experience delivers a unique user journey, allowing the company to showcase the variety and beauty of its destinations – while serving as a practical guide for potential travelers. After allowing users to immerse themselves in a variety of destinations, the campaigns transitioned to the user action section, utilizing appealing visuals and messaging. The placed CTA button directed users to the Turkish Airlines website, creating a smooth transition from the interactive experience to the next step in the customer journey: booking a flight. By combining innovative features, interactive elements, and a seamless user journey, the campaign succeeded in elevating Turkish Airlines’ brand image through mobile advertising.

The Results

  • 95% completion rate
  • 1.3% Click Through Rate – Exceeding Benchmark by 2X
  • Delivered in 18 major markets worldwide

Goal: Enhance Türkiye as a top tourist destination amongst mobile users
Geographies: USA, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, France, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Panama, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Austria
Targeted Devices: Android & iOS
Ad Unit: Post-Video Exprience
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