DT’s Video Ads Drive User Action in KFC’s Interactive Christmas Bucket Campaign

KFC collaborated with Digital Turbine to launch its first venture into mobile gaming - seeing strong results.
Engagement Rate (vs. 1-3% benchmark)
Purchase Intent
Took Action, Visiting Store and Ordering Delivery
Digital Turbine was a new partner for KFC and not only did we overdeliver against planned KPIs but we were able to deliver contextual messaging in-game and introduce the product in a fun and delightful manner to our customers.


Company Overview

KFC Philippines Milestones Kentucky Fried Chicken® has come a long way since it first set foot in the Philippines in 1966— from the humble beginnings of Colonel Sanders. Today, KFC offers some of its most delicious staples in the Philippines and worldwide.

The Challenge

With the most anticipated holiday of the year around the corner, KFC needed to launch a festive Christmas campaign that would stand out during the peak advertising season. The brand wanted to raise awareness, elevate engagement, and excite consumers – driving them to take action and make the KFC Christmas bucket meal a part of their holiday celebrations.

The Solution

KFC collaborated with Digital Turbine to launch its first venture into mobile gaming. Wishing to reach a varied demographic in an optimal setting, KFC and DT launched the KFC Christmas Bucket Feast Gamified Mobile Campaign, tailored to gamers and the season.


Delivered nationwide, the campaign begins with an Instant Play HD video, featuring KFC Celebrity Endorsers, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernado. The cool and classy duo arrive, bringing the KFC Christmas Bucket to the party, breathing fun and festive energy into an otherwise dull office atmosphere. After watching the video, users are presented with engaging and easy-to-play mobile games, providing the DT post-video experience.


KFC created two interactive games: 

  • Catch the Chicken is designed to engage with consumers in an interactive and competitive way, asking them to catch the maximum number of chicken drumsticks in the stipulated time. 
  • The second game, Add Your Finger-lickin’ Faves, is a quick and simple game designed to introduce the variety of choices consumers can add to their Christmas Bucket – driving conversions directly to the KFC website, where a bucket can be ordered. 

The games and ad experience deliver KFC’s tagline, “finger-lickin’ good”, throughout the ad and game journey – keeping the brand top of mind for users. 

The Results

  • 2% Click Through Rate (vs 1% industry benchmark)
  • 11% engagement rate (vs 1-7% industry benchmark)
  • 86% video completion rate (vs 85-92% industry benchmark)
  • 53% Ad Recall
  • 79% Purchase Intent
  • 92% Took action! 
    • 43% visited KFC store
    • 35% ordered KFC delivery

Goal: Increase Brand Awareness and Traffic
Geographies: The Philippines
Targeted Devices: Android & iOS
Ad Unit: Post-Video Experience
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