Ford Trucks Campaign Uses DT’s Creative Experience To Surpass Industry Benchmarks

Digital Turbine’s unique gamified post-video experience elevated the ad journey, driving engagement and user engagement

Uplift in Brand Recall
Video Completion Rate
Engagement Rate, surpassing the 30% benchmark

Digital Turbine’s unique post-video creative experience fueled our campaign to reach the right audiences, capture their attention - and achieve strong results.

Esra Yavuz, Digital and CRM Team Member
Ford Trucks

Company Overview

Ford Trucks has always been at the forefront of the automotive industry. With a vision to be the world's most trusted company, Ford Trucks designs intelligent vehicles for an innovative world - providing mobility solutions that enhance the lives of people and communities around the globe.

The Challenge

Ford Trucks aimed to enhance awareness of its internationally acclaimed truck, the award-winning F-MAX, in the German market. The goal was to engage with potential customers, including both truck drivers and fleet owners, fostering brand awareness through effective interaction. Recognizing the need to adapt to the evolving landscape of consumer preferences, Ford Tucks needed to find a way to reach its target demographic, young auto-lovers. With being a major purchase and with the European market’s brand challenge, Ford Trucks sought to deliver a creative, immersive campaign that would drive engagement and help the brand resonate in the right way. The challenge was to create an engaging campaign that not only showcased the truck's cutting-edge features but also resonated with the target audience.

The Solution

Seeking to reach its target demographic and create an immersive experience, Ford Trucks partnered with Digital Turbine for its unique creativity and exceptional reach in mobile gaming. Collaborating with Digital Turbine’s Creative Lab, Ford Trucks devised an innovative marketing strategy that leveraged the popularity of mobile gaming to introduce the F-MAX to a new generation of consumers through a gamified, hands-on experience. The campaign included a pre-roll high-resolution video ad showcasing the truck's powerful engine, advanced technology, and unmatched performance. strategically placed within popular mobile games. The highlight of the ad campaign was the integration of the Ford F-MAX into the gaming experience. Following the campaign video, a gamified post-video experience invited users to play a game exclusively designed for Ford Trucks. Users could interact with the truck by directing it through a roadway and collecting brand logos along the way. The "Discover More" button appearing on the ad drove additional user engagement and brand interaction, leading users to the Ford F-MAX page on its official website for more detailed information and purchasing opportunities.

The Results

  • 92% video completion rate
  • 89% engagement rate (30% benchmark)
  • 11% Uplift in Brand Recall
Increase engagement with the brand
Targeted Devices
Android & iOS
Ad Units
Gamified Post-Video Experience

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