Hungry Studio Hit 8% ARPDAU in One Month with DT Exchange

A strategic mix of UA and Monetization helps Hungry Studio outperform competitors in a crowded puzzle genre
Increase in ARPDAU
Top 3
Global Monetization Partner for Banners
Mix of Brand and Performance Demand
Digital Turbine has become a strategic all-in-one growth channel for us, delivering an 8% ARPDAU increase globally for our flagship game Block Blast! in just 30 days.

Monica Hu, VP of Monetization

Hungry Studio

Company Overview

Founded in 2021, Hungry Studio is the leading casual game developer based in Hong Kong. Since its launch in 2022, their global mobile puzzle hit Block Blast! reached over 100M players worldwide on iOS and Android.

The Challenge

With more than 50% of revenue in the puzzle games genre coming from IAA, it’s crucial for game developers in that genre to have a strategy in place that helps outperform the competition and keep users engaged.

Devoted to providing a superb experience for gamers, from in-game experience to a high-quality ad environment, Hungry Studio was looking for a trustworthy monetization partner who would ensure a clean user ad experience while delivering global revenue growth on iOS and Android. This was crucial for the steady growth of their hit title, Block Blast!.

The Solution

In close collaboration with Hungry Studio’s Monetization and UA experts, the DT business team helped enhance their user acquisition strategy and syncing UA with efficient monetization optimization. Smooth DT Exchange integration for all ad placements – Banners, Rewarded Video, and Interstitials – immediately brought an incremental boost to user engagement and ARPDAU. 

With Digital Turbine’s help, Block Blast! hit the №1 app in the puzzle genre on Google Play and №2 on the App Store, in the US as of December 2023.

DT is now a strategic growth partner for Hungry Studio, committed to navigating their apps’ growth in the red ocean of the puzzle games market.

The Results

  • Up to 8% increase in ARPDAU within a month after adding DT Exchange to the monetization stack
  • Top 3 Global Monetization Partner for Banners
  • 50/50% mix of brand and performance demand
Geographies: Global
Targeted Devices: Android & iOS
Ad Units: Banners, Rewarded Video and Interstitials
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