IAP, Offer Wall, Rewarded video: How Mothership Marketing monetizes an audience of over 50M users in an award-winning RPG

  • GOAL

    Improve ad experience and ad revenue




    iOS & Android


    Offer Wall


Mothership is one of Europe’s leading full-service marketing agencies for digital culture. Whether it is Ad Monetization, Programmatic Media Buying, Creator Marketing or Talent Management, Mothership is at home in today’s digital world.


Mothership Marketing was challenged to improve ad experience and ad revenue in RPG title Shakes & Fidget developed by Playa Games, Stillfront Group. To diversify the range of ad formats for a huge user base of over 50M players, Mothership Marketing turned to DT Offer Wall.


Mothership Marketing introduced DT Offer Wall to all Shakes & Fidget users starting from the first level. This helped integrate Offer Wall as a native extension to the game from the very start of the user journey. 

The Mothership team is experienced in different ad monetization solutions, and were curious on how the Offer Wall format would work in sync with Rewarded video and in-app purchases. When Offer Wall was up and running, Mothership Marketing team proved: 

  • The IAP remained at the same volume as before Offer Wall integration, showing no cannibalization of in-app purchase active users or revenue. As it usually is for gaming, 5 to 10% of those making IAP were responsible for around 90% of the title revenue
  • Rewarded video stayed popular among users, working as a quick but modest rewarding mechanism
  • With significantly less users due to its time-consuming monetization format, DT Offer Wall brought as much revenue as Rewarded video, proving it’s complementary extension to existing monetization tools 

DT Offer Wall became a seamless addition to the existing monetization strategy of Shakes & Fidget for both Android and iOS platforms, bringing incremental revenue, and making users happy with more ways to get in-game currency and level up.

The Results

  • Offer Wall brings up to 5% of a total game revenue 
  • Zero IAP cannibalization
  • 100% of the user base monetized with the whole suite of tools – IAP, Rewarded Video, and Offer Wall

Three Monetization Tools – Zero Cannibalization

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