LoopMe Achieve 160% YoY Growth on OMSDK Traffic From DT Exchange


LoopMe is a leading outcomes-based platform. By leveraging AI to optimize media delivery in real-time, LoopMe drives measurable uplift for business outcomes and more effective advertising across online and offline marketing goals, including brand lift, purchase intent, consideration, foot traffic and sales. 

LoopMe’s core business helps brands and agencies achieve better advertising results powered by their AI-platform and flagship product PurchaseLoop. LoopMe’s marketplace powers more effective supply and demand connections, rooted in programmatic delivery. 

LoopMe was founded in 2012 with the mission to create better consumer experiences through innovation, powered by data, in order to bring people and brands together and currently operates across 15 locations globally.


Working with leading global brands, finding the right type of measurable inventory was fundamental to campaign success and viewability was also a top priority for LoopMe. 

When Digital Turbane introduced support of Open Measurement SDK (OMSDK) in late 2021, LoopMe was one of the first partners to assess the quality inventory that became available. 

Since then results have been increasingly effective, making DT Exchange one of the leading supply partners for LoopMe. 


Digital Turbine’s OMSDK traffic drove great success for LoopMe across ad formats – with rewarded video generating the highest increase with a 300+% YoY growth. In addition, LoopMe achieved average viewability performance of over 97% (as verified by 3rd party viewability partners) on campaigns run through DT Exchange OMSDK traffic. With DT Exchange seeing a significantly higher OMSDK adoption rate compared to other supply partners, LoopMe’s growth should only continue. 

The Results

  • 160% YoY growth on OMSDK Traffic
  • 300+% increase in Rewarded Video Format
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