On-Device Media Expands Top Gaming App’s User Base Around the World

  • GOAL

    Entry into international markets and untapped segments


    USA, Europe


    All Android Devices


    Preloads, Games Folder, Wizard & Notifications


This highly successful puzzle app has been in-market for more than 8 years and was actively seeking new ways to continue their grow. Digital Turbines’s On-Device media eased entry to international markets and reached untapped segments in US and EMEA.


  • Global campaign drove 3M installs growing its user base around the world.
  • US & EMEA delivered the most number of new users adding 1.7 million combined
  • Growth markets such as LATAM and APAC experienced higher conversion rates
  • Customer lifetime value (LTV) and 90+ day attribution were key success metrics
  • Client leveraged full portfolio of products and geographies to advance their strategy
  • Positive ROI compounded by cross-promo campaigns made original ad spend even more efficient


The campaign initiated with a single title targeting by device and by mobile operator. They continued to build upon a granular site optimization strategy layering on new countries, devices and products. Today this advertiser leverages all Digital Turbine’s ad products and geographies to maximize fill rates. All campaigns employ different bid rates and analytics by device to maximize their overall return.

The Results

Increased Spend Drives Growth

As the campaign’s performance scaled, more budget was invested to grow new geographies and products. Campaign spend today is 10x from where it started with campaigns live in more than 90 countries.

  • Direct Verification of real device.
  • Direct Access to native placements
  • Direct Connections. No ad-tech hops.
  • Global Reach into hard to penetrate markets.

Positive ROI compounded by cross-promo campaigns made original ad spend even more efficient.

mobile marketing for gaming apps
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