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How Rappi became the Super App of Millions of New Users in LATAM

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    Dynamic Installs

Rappi is a Colombian Unicorn boasting growth rates of 30% month over month. Their name, which comes from the Spanish word fast, is a leading on-demand delivery app in Latin America. This full service or “deliver-anything” app works like a digital personal assistant that connects users looking for a wide variety of things: from food delivery to groceries, clothes, and more. Rappi has seen tremendous growth of its Super App and they are now operating in seven countries and over 50 cities in the region.

The Challenge: Delivery apps are competing for more than 236 million potential users in the Latin American market. What sets Rappi apart is its broad range of products and services. Consumers can buy whatever they want and have it delivered when and where they want. Rappi’s challenge to Digital Turbine was how to efficiently and effectively get its app in the hands of a broad array of smartphone users across the region.

The Solution: Rappi initiated a dynamic install campaign with Digital Turbine to preload their app on smartphone devices in select target markets. Digital Turbine’s scale and ability to reach more than 2.5 million users monthly in Latin America was instrumental to reaching the broad set of new users. Over the course of the partnership, Rappi increased their budget 8,000% and experienced large increases over all of their campaign KPIs. The campaign continues to progress as new devices and geos are being added to assist Rappi on its journey to becoming Latin America’s Personal Assistant, on all device

Impressive increases across all campaign KPIs

13x New User Acquisition 

By partnering with Digital Turbine, Rappi grew its new app users by 13x while improving ROI and LTV. Additionally, their brand awareness increased as they placed their app in the hands of new smartphone users across the LATAM region.

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