Samsung Philippines Harnesses DT’s Video Ads to Launch Their New Mobile Devices

The mobile giant released multiple devices to the market with an actionable mobile ad experience for users
Video Completion Rate Benchmark: 77%
Click Through Rate Benchmark: 1-3%
Dwell Time | Benchmark: 4-7s
DT’s post-video experience helped us deliver our key message in an engaging and interactive way, driving user action and clicks

Samsung Philippines

Company Overview

Samsung is an internationally recognized industry leader in technology and is recognized by Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, as a “Global Top 5” brand. Their device launches provide users with innovative mobile devices that are key technology products used daily by millions of consumers.

The Challenge

Samsung Philippines aims to innovate and excite mobile users with every new launch, through all available media channels. The new Galaxy A34 & A54 5G are made for Gen Z, an unpredictable and curious audience who grew up in the digital age. Samsung Philippines realized it needed to go beyond traditional channels to make an impact.


Samsung Philippines partnered with Digital Turbine to harness its massive mobile gaming reach and industry-leading creative execution to drive strong brand awareness for their new devices in the market.

The Solution

Aiming to keep the hero video ad recognizable across all channels, the campaign focused on rewarded video ads for both device launches.


DT Creative Labs created two versions of the mobile video ad to launch the Galaxy A34 and A54 5G. The videos featured the vibrant smartphone and its coveted features, in horizontal and vertical formats, optimizing the ad experience based on the phone usage patterns of Gen Z. DT also ensured that the “Learn More” button accompanies the hero video in the vertical format – allowing users to easily click through to the website for more information.


The ad also provides a unique post-video experience to draw the consumers’ attention back to the new device Samsung wishes to promote, generating fantastic campaign click-through rates for Samsung Philippines’ Galaxy A34 & A54 5G series website – reaching 15%.

The Results

  • 81% Video Completion Rate
  • 15% Click Through Rate
  • 38s Dwell Time

Goal: Increase brand awareness and traffic
Geographies: Philippines
Targeted Devices: Android & iOS
Ad Unit: Interactive Video and Post-Video Experience
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