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Engineering Blog

From Chef to Kubernetes
Tracking Ad-Driven Installs on iOS with SKAdNetwork
Android Memory Leak Testing
DT Data Scientists Win 2022 Kaggle Days Paris Competition
In-House DevOps Infrastructure at DT
Using Telegraf Operator Internally at DT
How to Run an Ad-Tech Android SDK in the New SDK Runtime Environment
Introduction to Go Language
Manage Development and Delivery Workflow with JGit-Flow and Jenkins-Pipeline - Part I
Manage Development and Delivery Workflow with jGit-flow and Jenkins-Pipeline – Part III
Rolling Your Own Remote Docker Executor on AWS Spot Instances
The SLAyer Your Data Pipeline Needs
Reader’s Choice
Introducing DT’s New Podcast: Mobile Explorers
How Mobile Ads Can Grow Loyalty, Drive Referrals, and Retain Customers

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