As detailed in our Notice at Collection and Privacy Policy, we use the standard analytics tools of Google Analytics, and we may use additional or other analytics tools from time to time to learn how you and other users use our Website to support its related activities and operations.

The privacy practices of Google Analytics or other analytics tools are subject to their privacy policies. See Google Analytics Privacy Policy at Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google.

We do not receive monetary consideration for allowing Google or other third-party providers of analytics tools to collect personal information on our Website. Still, such collection may be considered the sale or sharing of personal information related to you under certain US Privacy Laws.

Such personal information does not include sensitive personal information (within the meaning of US Privacy Laws), such as geo-location (GPS) data.

For further details on what personal information related to you is collected by such third parties, please see our Notice at Collection and Privacy Policy.

We provide this notice of your right to opt out of the Sale or Share of your Personal Information that (a) describes your rights under applicable federal and state privacy laws and regulations of the United States governing the protection of privacy and personal information (“US Privacy Laws“) to opt-out of the sale or sharing (within the meaning of such laws) of personal information related to you on our Website, and (b) explains how you can exercise these rights:

  • Description of your rights:

Under US State Privacy Laws, consumers have, among others, the following rights:

Right to Opt-out“: You have the right, at any time, to direct us not to sell or share personal information related to you.

  • Exercising your rights

To exercise your Right to opt-out of third-party marketing cookies or Google Analytics, please follow these instructions:


You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by clicking here. The solution to opt-out of Google Analytics as a visitor to the website is offered by Google itself in the form of a browser plugin. All you need to do is activate it in order not to get tracked on any website using Google Analytics, including on our website.

For your convenience, here are screenshots to help you follow the instructions to opt-out from Google Analytics:

If you decide to exercise your Right to opt out, we may, after twelve (12) months, ask you to reauthorize the sale or sharing of personal information related to you. Please see our “Notice at Collection and Privacy Policy” for more details.