DT FairBid
The Only Independent Mediation Platform
Monetize better with diverse demand across all ad formats, smart automations, and a superior support team
The Only Independent Mediation Platform
Analyze better with end-to-end transparency through granual reports, waterfall visualization, and real auctions audit
The Only Independent Mediation Platform
Optimize better by putting your mediation data to good use for both your monetization and UA strategies
Mediation Done Right
Revenue-Optimized for Your Success
Rich Competition, Higher ARPDAU
From top performance advertisers to Fortune 500 brands, access the right ad mix through a unified auction of bidding and waterfall demand partners to always get the best price for your inventory
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Simplified Integration
Mediation made easy with our top-class support team and automations we’ve built to help you make the move smoothly
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Full Transparency and Control
We’ve got nothing to hide. By providing transparency across advertisers and app developers, we align both sides to connect the right ads to the right users.
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DT team’s level of support, transparency, and attention to detail with our monetization performance is key to the tremendous 65% increase in Ad ARPDAU we have seen when switching to DT FairBid as our mediation partner.

Marina Sapunova, VP, Game Studios

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