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Digital Turbine Company Product Description
FYBER Offer Wall Edge  

The Offer Wall enables the Advertiser to run its Ad campaign within mobile applications of Fyber’s managed Publishers. Once opted-in by the user, the Offer Wall is an in-app service that incentivizes the user to further engage with the app’s game. Each offer on the Offer Wall presents an ad that the user can choose to engage with. Publishers control the type, content, and genre of the offers that appear in their app. Once the user clicks on the offer, the user is directed to a landing page (e.g. advertiser’s website, or mobile applications store etc.) to complete a certain action that will reward the user with a certain in-app currency (e.g., diamonds, coins) to continue playing the app’s game. Once the action is completed by the user, (e.g. install an app, play a game up to a certain level, fill out a survey, subscribe to newsletter, etc) the Publisher rewards the user with in-app currency, Fyber pays the Publisher the corresponding monetary value of the offer completion, and bills the Advertiser as agreed in the IO.

DIGITAL TURBINE SingleTap Monetization (formerly, SingleTap)  

SingleTap provides a seamless, one-tap installation of mobile applications from a call-to-action, such as an ad banner, button, hyperlink, etc. When a mobile application user initiates a link in an ad, the mobile application begins to download and install from Digital Turbine’s servers, without removing the user from the current experience he/she is on. Advertiser is responsible for all aspects relating to the ad materials, content and mobile application that is offered via such ad.

DIGITAL TURBINE Dynamic Installs and App Recommendations

(formerly, Preloads and Wizard)


Dynamic Installs allow the Advertiser to have its mobile application directly installed onto new mobile devices at the time of activation and set-up. Mobile applications downloaded through Dynamic Installs can be installed on the device in a silent manner either without device’s user interaction (“Dynamic Installs-Silent”), while still allowing the device’s user to remove or uninstall the mobile application at a later time, or with device’s user interaction through the Digital Turbine App Recommendations feature. If the mobile application is installed through the App Recommendations feature, upon activation of the new mobile device, the device’s user will be prompted to opt-in. Once the device’s user has opted in, the App Recommendations feature will recommend a curated list of mobile applications to be installed on the device, which the device’s user can tap to select for download. Once selected, the selected mobile applications will be installed in the background as the device completes activation.






Ignite Notifications/Post-Install Notifications


DT Hub (formerly, Games Folder)



The Notifications enables Advertisers to drive increased ad campaign’s success by reaching device’s users by pushing promotional notifications to the device’s users and encourage them to download a mobile application that is not already installed on the device (Promotional Notifications), or to open a mobile application that is already installed on the device (Direct Download Notification). The Direct Download Notification can also direct the user to a deep link inside of a mobile application already installed on the device via URI. Promotional Notifications can direct a device’s user to any website via URL without the need for the corresponding mobile application to be installed on the device.


Apps Hub is a smart folder focused on gaming that automatically organizes users’ games into a folder. The user is given a short introduction to the Apps Hub feature and the option to opt-in to the feature. If a user chooses “No Thanks,” they will continue to the Apps Hub without scanning the installed apps. The user’s installed games are displayed alongside offered apps from the app listing.




 APPRECIATE Demand Side Platform (DSP)  

The DSP enables the Advertiser to buy ad inventory through a programmatic ad exchange. Once the Advertiser uploads its Ad campaign creatives, the DSP uses the ad criteria to place a competitive bid in real time for an ad placement on certain mobile application of a publisher within the DSP’s network. The DSP determines on which publisher’s ad placement to bid on based on the ad criteria. Once the Advertiser has won the auction, the winning ad is delivered to the mobile application user.




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