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The Winning UA Strategy that will Grow Your Market Share in Brazil

Reach Brazil App Users right when they are most likely to download – right after getting a new smartphone.

Download these exclusive 10 trends to find out what leading app publishers in Brazil already now.

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Report Highlights Include:

  • Trend 1: New phones mean more app installs – and Brazil is filled with new phones
  • Trend 2: Brazil’s market is younger which is a huge opportunity for advertisers
  • Trend 3: Installs decrease the longer a Brazil consumer has a phone
  • Trend 4: Brazilians see themselves as heavy app installers
  • Trend 5: Brazilians have positive attitudes about paid and unpaid UA methods
  • Trend 6: The majority of Brazilians install over 11 apps per quarter
  • Download the full report to see all 10 trends!
Percent of Consumers with Brand New Phones
Percent of Consumers Who Find Each App Promotion Method "Very Helpful"
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