Mobile App Monetization Survey — 2021

AdColony and Fyber’s Mobile App Monetization Survey was distributed globally and garnered responses from 300+ mobile publishers. The survey asked respondents 30 questions regarding monetization strategies, revenue sources, and the impact of AppTrackingTransparency. The mobile publishers included gaming and non-gaming app developers.

Topics include:

  • Top revenue sources
    • Video is #1!
    • Revenue split between In-App Ads (IAA) & In-App Purchases (IAP)
  • Most used monetization methods
    • Effectiveness
    • Impact on UX
  • Most valued qualities in a monetization partner
  • Impact of AppTrackingTransparency
    • SKAdNetwork adoption
    • Shift in spend: Android vs. iOS
    • Impact on iOS ad revenue
  • Most exciting ad formats in 2022
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